Feb 102017

Pictured below Dave Lombardo illustrates in all of his photography that “lens size” matters! Some of Click It Action’s  most epic photography produced by this award winning photographer of Huntington Beach California, will illustrate. Dave Lombardo is the owner and studio director of Huntington Beach’s Click It Action, photography studio. When contracting with Click It Action, one will receive photography offered with very strategic perspectives. Unlike most photographers who will crowd at a beach and gather to all snap the exact same photo of an iconic scene like the recent “Super Moon” we all saw a few weeks ago! Dave Lombardo nailed it to a tee! Dave Lombardo differentiates his photography with angles of perfection and specialization. Equipped with some of the finest camera equipment in his craft Dave is prepared to tackle and deliver ultimate photography to every client.

Using the right photographer

Dave Lombardo, photography specialist of CIA, is at your photo service.

Super Moon over Huntington Beach

“Super Moon”


Ocean wave photo

Pier Photo

Oil Rig

Long Beach

Contact Dave Lombardo: www.clickitaction.com


Bruce Bryant

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