Alice Wallace is Country Folk & Blues

by Bruce Bryant

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Alice Wallace Songwriter/Singer

I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented Alice Wallace two years ago at a private house party hosted by some close friends of mine. It was back then, being entertained by this amazing country song writer/singer, and outstanding guitarist I felt confident that we would all be seeing California’s Alice Wallace and her fabulous band on the big stages of country music and very soon!

Last evening I attended another house party in Huntington Beach CA, hosted by my  friends who introduced Alice Wallace to me at their previous party. This time Alice had a lead guitarist, drummer, and a bass player along with some awesome backup singers! The show was amazing! Alice brought so much fun and happiness to the party as she belted out her own written songs and for fun, added some Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, and even some Hank Williams into her show. On band credits Alice Wallace has the amazing Tom Bremer on lead guitar, the skilled “sticks” of Josh Tate Huppert on the drums, and strumming the big bass is Robert Bowman. Just a magical musical mix, of the best Country Folk and Blues available!


Country - Home & Realty Magazine
Alice Wallace Country Folk & Blues

At one of the breaks, I promised Alice we would make a “Spotlight Post” on Home & Realty Magazine’s web page, and also place it on our Facebook page for everyone to learn about her outstanding music. With the New Album Alice is launching I felt she could use our magazine’s exposure to help pick up a few new fans!


Country - Home & Realty Magazine
Alice Wallace Ventures Out on her own…

Alice Wallace through Pledge MUSIC is looking for everyone’s support to launch her New Album!  If you appreciate Alice’s music and you would like to be contributing to this young accomplished song/writer who has so far depended on herself and NOW is looking for your help in launching her New Album! Go to:

We wish Alice Wallace the very best in her new album launch!