A Bike and A Carrot

A Bike and A Carrot
by Robin Auwerda

When you are born in a bike loving country like The Netherlands, like I was, it is such a pleasure to see your town turn into Bike City USA, more and more.

Long Beach is on the road to bicycle heaven. More and more bike lanes, trails, and signage are popping up all over town.

Although not all kinks are ironed out. A cyclist can easily find her- or himself on a bike lane that stops on a busy intersection, leaving the cyclist to fend for themselves only to find the bike lane appear again after the intersection. There surely was enough paint to continue the lane all the way through the crossing of busy roads…

I do applaud Long Beach for offering local businesses a way to order for free, bike racks. There’s even a website where businesses can order the racks. So it can happen that while taking a break from all the healthy physical exercise I found myself parking my bike up against a carrot. Yep a carrot! I’m pretty sure Long Beach is the only city offering me an experience like this. I took it all in and just had to take a photo.

Bike City USA - Home & Realty Magazine
Robin, his bike, and a carrot!

Are the current bike racks the prettiest and most practical bike parking street furniture I’ve ever seen? Probably not, but it is a start in making Long Beach bike friendlier.

For now I make due with a cruiser, although I pimped it up with real Dutch “saddle bags” which I use to store water for the fun rides or pick up some groceries in. You’ll find me on a sturdier, ergonomically correct bike soon.

Bike City USA - Home & Realty Magazine
Robin cycles Long Beach

If you haven’t tried out our city from the comfort of a bicycle, I highly recommend it. Fun, healthy, and you see much more of what Long Beach has to offer!

Cycle on!