Build Faith For Brand Power


When I discuss BRAND, I am referring to the entire experience a consumer has with a company or agent. How every thread from digital discovery, to sales, to customer service, to HR, to a referral is woven throughout the experience. We know that the first thing a consumer does (or an agent investigating a company to work with) is head to google. What do they discover? Does working with that agent or company match the expected experience? On a global scale, how important is the corporate brand?


I recently facilitated a panel at AREAA Vancouver Summit titled “Brand Power – Building Trust Globally” with amazing leaders: Budge Huskey, CEO Coldwell Banker, Elton Ash VP RE/MAX Western Canada, Brian Rushton VP Century 21 Canada, Chris Stuart – Franchise Director Berkshire Hathaway and my good friend Matthew Shadbolt Director of Real Estate Products at the New York Times! Did I mention it was a killer panel?


It was Matthew Shadbolt of the Times who early in our pre panel discussions hit on the subject that drove our entire conversation around building FAITH and what that means to the consumer and to the Brand. And yes ~ I do believe this is a “Conversation That Matters”.

 When we talk about trust, or brand loyalty, very often we’re really talking about faith…and the best brands are able to rise above the deafening digital noise and truly articulate purpose to their customers. And while that sounds grand, it’s the little things, done every day, that make a huge difference in moving that needle….

The challenge for any brand, be it an individual or a brokerage, is attention. We live in an age of excellence, where if an experience isn’t 5 stars, it’s either ignored, or swiftly forgotten. Who leaves a 3 star review anymore? It’s either amazing, or awful, and there’s no middle ground anymore in an increasingly unforgiving climate, especially online – this is something we feel acutely at The Times as you can imagine. But this is what real estate professionals have to tackle if they are to win business and rise above the noise. I believe they have to stand for something, and when I think of the best real estate brands, they do this.”

 Faith: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

This is true for global brands, for brokerages and for agents. Whether you’re trying to farm your local neighborhood, or attract international buyers, how you present yourself at every touch will either confirm or refute the consumer’s expectations.

I have been fortunate enough to learn about BRAND via Matthew Shadbolt for many years, since his time at Corcoran Group and as one of Inman News’ Top 100 Most Influential. We share a passion for binding the customer expectations to the overall experience and now Matthew has has succinctly articulated the real goal.

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Build faith.