California Cars

by Bruce Bryant



California Cars - Home & Realty Magazine
Bruce’s first car above taking his mom for a ride!

As you can see my fondness for cars began at a very early age back in time when photographs were only in black and white. I didn’t know it at the time however, my soon to be brother Robert was being created and that day, I was pulling two people in my first car and I didn’t even know it! I was told much later in life that my brother arrived about four weeks after my dad took this photo of the World’s BEST MOM and her later to be car crazy son!

California Cars - Home & Realty Magazine

The most exciting thing about living with my parents when I was young was that my dad had also been a car enthusiast. That was real cool when ever I had the itch to upgrade the cars that I was driving, when ever I earned the extra money!  I never received any opposition from my dad. My mom tried to slow me down on some of my purchases but, my dad never stood in my way. As a matter of fact it was my dad who found my very first Corvette! It was a 1959 Corvette with two tops. It was a convertible with a removable hard top. Long story short the car was gorgeous and of course I didn’t have enough money to purchase it! But dad came through! I actually think he was living his life through mine by helping me pay the difference. I think as a parent myself, I sometimes reflect on my own two sons by being excited for some of the things they did. For example, when my two sons had received their Eagle Scout Badges when they were Boy Scouts, I was standing there feeling like I was getting the award, and I felt that way twice! Parents do those things. Well hats off to my dad because, I really wanted that Corvette!

California Cars - Home & Realty Magazine
My 1959 Corvette pictured with my brother Robert sitting in the car, me in the red jacket. It was October in Connecticut. My brother in a shirt?

As the years passed I spent countless hours doing all kinds of restorations on older Corvettes which I had purchased only to drive, flip and make a profit. My best friend Ray had a garage. While many of our other friends were earning extra money at the Shuttle Meadow Country Club back in Connecticut caddying, Ray and I were rebuilding muscle cars mostly Corvettes however, many Chevelle’s and a few Oldsmobile 442’s and plenty of Mustangs!

The video below are some photos I took at a couple of car shows here in Sunny California. I had them put together for your enjoyment by Home & Realty Magazine’s programmers. I hope you enjoy the show we titled it California Cars!