Real Estate Broker Stuart Thomas

There is one true giant in the world of real estate his name is Stuart Thomas. Not only does he stand 6’8” tall, Stuart is also the broker owner of one of the truly great real estate organizations named RE/MAX Select One. A group of Orange County offices packed full of many of the best… Read More

  Is there a Doctor in the house? This has been a common question for centuries in many emergency situations as we are all too familiar with these words. However in this particular case in the Klein residence of Long Beach California, be it known that Cody McWhirter son of Michele Klein, will soon be… Read More

Baham Rise Condo

  Shamon Campbell, of H.G Christie’s, affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, says we have so much more than historical appeal, crystal clear waters and friendly natives, Luxury has become one of the Bahamas’ most valuable assets, and it has influenced a great chunk of the wealthy to own a piece of paradise. They, of… Read More

Home & Realty Magazine is proud to introduce Angela Kaufman, the real estate game changer of OC, California, to all of our affluent home buyers. Angela is one of our online magazine’s most referred agents by our affluent Home & Realty Magazine readers! A no nonsense Orange County professional agent who masters her craft and… Read More

  Virtual staging for luxury real estate was established 25 years ago in Northern California, the art of staging grew rapidly, earning a reputation as the number one tool to expedite property sales.  Why?  Because only 10% of the population can look past what they see and visualize a property’s potential.  Incredibly, 94.6% of homes… Read More

FRENCH KISSED THE HAMPTONS & FRENCH-STYLE LIVING It is hard to deny the allure of The Hamptons.  It is a coastal playground of escape and relaxation from the busy streets of New York City.  A place where the elite of Manhattan go to unwind and recharge.  It is no wonder why the signature style of… Read More

Drone photography in luxury real estate has recently been claimed to be the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet.  With the ability to highlight waterfront views, cascading gardens, architectural landscaping and unique swimming pools, drone photography has “upped the anti” in capturing the beauty of luxury listings. Here are… Read More

House Flipping by Tammie Meet Tammie Williams-Hoffman formerly of Los Angeles! I met this amazing lady one day on my Facebook page while she clicked the “Like” button on one of my business posts.  As I started to learn more about Tammie, I  grew more interested in her story of House Flipping. Tammie grew up… Read More

URBAN REAL ESTATE TRENDS Trying to decide whether to buy a new home in the suburbs or in the city?  The ultimate goal should be to buy a home that will withstand market changes. In the major cities, urban real estate trends are often guided by a surge in infill development.  What is infill development?… Read More

Linda Ginex – The Balance of Success Lifestyle by Staff Writer, Sandie Yim “Happiness at work is not about eliminating all the bad stuff from your job. It’s about being happy at work even though some of these bad things are present. It’s about building your skills and your energy to fix the problems, and… Read More