Hag Sameach, Happy Pessach! These days we celebrate Pessach, one of the most important events in Jewish belief. It started last week Friday evening with a big Dinner, celebrating the end of slavery from the Egyptians, leaving the Egyptian country towards Israel and the long march through the desert. The first evening, “Seder” is a… Read More

Rosh ha Shana  –  ראש שנה  Art & Lifestyle: The Jewish New Year – Rosh ha Shana This year the Jews in the world celebrated Rosh ha Shana on the 14th of September, which means that hopefully all, have had a great celebration dinner on 13th evening after sundown. New year started on that day… Read More

In all respect and appreciation of the Jewish religion we are proud to present, once again, Uriel Cazes of Ibiza Spain. We introduced Uriel in our last issue of Home & Realty Magazine with his beautiful religious paintings. The unique value Uriel’s work brings to his audience is the religious significance of each and every… Read More

Being given the opportunity to write a monthly column for Home & Realty magazine has been quite a blessing in disguise. Each month I have to come up with an interesting topic to write about, and at first I made the effort to tie my writing into the idea of Real Estate and Homes, as… Read More

I have been commissioned to re-paint my classic “Revelation of Peace” painting, an original oil painting comprised of 4 great men who each became icons of Peace in their own unique ways. Originally created in 2010 in collaboration with philanthropist Gilles Sensenbrenner, this painting was created to use in fundraising efforts for various charities worldwide.… Read More

In my 22 year career as a commissioned “artist for hire” I’ve learned to truly understand the desire of my clientele for paintings of “Pop Culture Icons”. Legally bound not to print copies of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe without paying hefty commissions, I’ve had to paint certain famous and recognizable images over and over… Read More

Art Staging for Emotional Connection in Home Sales and Luxury Rentals An empty house doesn’t feel like a million dollars or a home that anyone can see making their own because all the things that help make it a warm, inviting home aren’t there. Worse yet, a house that’s empty, or that doesn’t look its… Read More

Maya Spielman - Artist

As a celebrity portrait artist for the last 22 years I’ve raised over 100k towards various charities thus far from my art by partnering with various celebrities and philanthropic organizations. When a celebrity agrees to sign my painting, their signature added to the painting raises the value of the painting substantially thereby allowing us to… Read More

Art & Lifestyle by Hollywood’s Maya Spielman I’m so excited to announce that I Maya Spielman, will be on the front cover of Home & Realty Magazine for their “SEPTEMBER ISSUE” with an article discussing the highlights of my 22 year Art career including the inside scoop on my celebrity clients such as Kobe Bryant… Read More