Ola Mexican Kitchen


Ola Mexican Kitchen - Home & Realty Magazine
Proprietor Toby Reese, welcomes Coldwell Banker agents Elena Zimina, Lori Thompson, Stacey Kuhne-Mercer for an epicurean delight at his brand new Ola Mexican Kitchen!

Ola Mexican Kitchen

Hello, Lori Thompson, Elena Zimina and Stacey Mercer, are so excited to feature this month’s Huntington for Fun article in Home and Realty Magazine! Huntington Beach has a new addition to its city… its Pacific City! Pacific City is a new center on Pacific Coast Highway filled with shops, a work out gym and several outstanding restaurants. We have been looking forward to sharing some of these restaurants with our H&R readers. The first restaurant we have chosen to feature is Ola! Ola, which is Spanish for “wave” and Hawaiian for “life”, is the inspiration behind Ola Mexican Kitchen, an exciting and tasty new first-to-market culinary concept from the Huntington Beach-based team behind the popular Mahe restaurants in Seal Beach and Dana Point. Ola has a Mexican concept unlike any other Mexican restaurant I’ve ever experienced. Owned by Toby Reese and Tony Andrews, Ola is an upscale, ocean view, positive energy kind of restaurant. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Toby and learning how Ola was born.

Ola Mexican Kitchen - Home & Realty MagazineIn 9th grade, Toby got his first job washing dishes in Wrightwood, CA. He and his family moved to Huntington Beach where he continued working in restaurants washing dishes, waiting and cleaning tables. He was persistent in working in the restaurant business, gaining experience at the Red Lobster in Seal Beach and worked as the head server at Charlie Browns in Newport Beach. In 1999, Toby and Tony opened Mahe, which used to be the Old Glider Inn. It is delicious seafood, sushi and night time live music on the weekends. There is a second Mahe in Dana Point, 8 years successful. Toby is a family man with 2 boys and a beautiful wife. He originally trained to be a fire fighter, but fate would have a different plan for him. He has been President of Ocean View Little League for the past 5 years and on the board for 10. Toby cares about people and his community.

Toby and Tony had been approached by Pacific City to open another Mahe. After careful consideration, Toby had decided Pacific City did not need another sushi or seafood restaurant, because there are already two amazing restaurants that specialize in this type of cuisine. What Pacific City needed was the Mexican concept they had been dreaming about all these years… the idea was shared and Bam!!! Ola was born!

Ola Mexican Kitchen - Home & Realty Magazine
Ola is a cozy 8,000 square foot restaurant with incredible food. Not to mention the views cannot be beat! The outdoor patio is a great place to watch the sunset as you enjoy Sashimi grade Ahi Poke served in a large martini glass with fresh avocado and plantains for a little crunch. Their chips and salsa are amazing! The chips are 100% corn and 95% gluten free. They have a great assortment of tacos ranging from carnitas, fish, lobster, salmon or more. There is a grilled rib eye enchilada that I must try! If you are in to queso, theirs is crazy good! Called the Queso Fundido… melted Chihuahua cheese, chorizo and pico de gallo, served with fresh chips! If you are into a refreshing cocktail, Ola has some pretty fun drinks… named after a surf break in Mexico, the El Dragon, made with Jalapenos and cucumbers is very fresh and tasty. Everything at Ola is made fresh to order. It does not pass the chefs approval if it is not fresh! Ola is quality and affordable food with a loving caring touch for the people eating it. Toby is also looking into introducing live music… it will be authentic Mexican background music… very classy! If you are ever in the Huntington Beach area, you must stop by Pacific City and enjoy dinner or even just an appetizer at this new beautiful ocean view restaurant Ola… you will love the experience!!

Elena, Stacey, Toby Reese, and Lori

We look forward to meeting all of our friends at Ola to experience the greatest Mexican food, impeccable beachfront views and superior service!

Ola Mexican Kitchen - Home & Realty Magazine





Seacliff 2015 Fundraiser in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine
“Huntington for Fun” Team! Stacey Mercer, Elena Zimina, and Lori Thompson of Coldwell Banker Beachside Realtors in Huntington Beach pictured.

What’s special about Huntington Beach? The community for starters… Huntington for Fun would like to educate the community on some of the activities we participate in. About 6 years ago our very own Stuart Thomas was approached by Barbara Meyer to donate to Collette’s Children’s Home. She had asked him to donate $1000 as he did the previous year. Stuart was glad to do it and donated his $1000. As is turns out, he had donated $100 the year before… a little typo. Stuart went ahead and told them to keep the whole $1000 and so began the tradition. After Stuart’s outstanding donation, the founder of Collette’s Children wanted to meet Stuart. They went to lunch and brainstormed the fundraiser we see today…

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine
Stuart Thomas

The first year, they thought of having a garage sale but didn’t have a large enough space to keep everything. This is when they decided to incorporate sponsors. They ended up having a “garage sale” at Tsunami Sushi and it was a success! Second year was held at Seacliff Country Club and funds were raised for Habitat for Humanity. The third year funds were raised for Project Self Sufficiency, helping single moms get back on their feet and living normal lives.

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine

The fourth year was donated to Make A Wish Foundation, helping children make their wishes come true. For example, one of the sick little girls had a dream to visit Disneyworld someday. With the funds that were raised, we were able to send this little girl to Disneyworld and make her dreams come true. Year 5 was for CHOC Hospital… again for the children… we all definitely have a heart for children!!! This was year 6 and funds were donated to help the City of Huntington Beach Police Department. Robert Handy, Chief of Police, helped us put together this spectacular fundraiser for 2015! One of the heart touching stories the Huntington Beach Police have with money raised for them is this story of a Garden Grove resident who stood speechless in the HB Police Departments helicopter hangar. She watched with tears in her eyes, clutching her grandchildren as she saw hers sons 2009 Nissan Cube rolls in. The Nissan belonged to her son, a combat engineer who was killed in action on January 2011, when his unit was attacked with a rocket-propelled grenade in Baghdad, Iraq. The 21 year old was on his second deployment. It was said that as she approached her son’s car and slowly sat in the driver’s seat, she could feel him in the car. What was so special about this deed was the car had been totaled in a car accident and one of the police officers on the scene heard the story of the women’s son… he tracked down the car, bought it from the tow yard and restored it for the grieving mom. These are the kind of hearts we are dealing with when it comes to the HB Police Department.

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine
Chief Handy, Stuart Thomas, Frank Mc Dowell

This article would not be complete without thanking the wonderful men and women that make it all possible… Stuart Thomas, Teri Miles, Edie Newmeyer, Barbara Kramer, Courtney Madnick, Lori Jones, Nicole Nelson, Jennifer Handy, Sandy McGrath, Frank McDowell and Vanessa Schwartz… Thank you to all!!! Enjoy the photos and we hope to see you all there next year!!!

Some great friends of this wonderful cause. We hope you enjoy the memories!



Vans US Open of Surfing

It is a pleasure to write this month’s Huntington for Fun column on Huntington Beach’s largest and well known events… The Vans U.S. Open!!! Each year this world wide event is held just in front of our favorite Dukes Restaurant on the south side of the pier, located at Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway. This year the awesome event was held from July 25 – August 2, 2015. Not only is the Van’s U.S. Open good for the vendors of Huntington Beach, it brings surfers from all over the world together in one competition… men and women alike. The people of Huntington Beach work very hard to accommodate all of the surfing fans that come to this event. From hotels to restaurants and shopping, Huntington Beach has it all. It is a giant festival on the sand… takes 2 weeks to assemble and 1 week to disassemble.

Surfing - Home & Realty MagazineThe Vans U.S. Open has not always had this title. It all began in 1959, and was called the West Coast Surfing Championship. This first year, a man named Jack Haley won first place, along with Linda Benson for the women’s championship. In 1964, the competition was renamed the U.S. Surfing Championship and in 1966 Huntington Beach’s very own Corky Carroll won this competition. In 1982, this famous competition was renamed once again, to the OP Pro, sponsored by none other than Ocean Pacific. I’d say this is when this competition really began to get popular! Soon to follow in 1983 and 1984, Tom Curran took away the title… who doesn’t love Tom Curran…? In 1994, this famous surfing competition was named what we know it now, the U.S. Open of Surfing… and in 1996, Kelly Slater took the title.

Although this surfing competition brings in a ton of revenue for our city, it also has its down side for the locals. People come from all over the world to experience this awesome event. The event has traditionally been held on Labor Day week end and has never been a problem. Not only did it have the world’s largest surfing competition, but it also included skateboarding, BMX biking, rock concerts and lots of give-aways from the vendors. In 1986, the city of Huntington Beach experienced horrible riots during the OP Pro. Over 25 years ago, the city turned into chaos with glass bottles being thrown and a cloud of sand over acres of beach. Yes, this was a horrible time for our city but we do not give up easily. The change was made to no longer hold the event on Labor Day Week End…. Instead it is now the end of July into the beginning of August. They have omitted all concerts as well. No more live music… The focus is now back on surfing, where it should be. They still have the BMX biking and skateboarding… It would be a shame if bad behavior caused such a great even to end. Fortunately, we here in HB care and would not let that happen!

Surfing - Home & Realty Magazine

An extension of the U.S. Open can be seen directly across the street from Dukes in front of Huntington Surf and Sport… On the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street, there is a statue of Duke Kahanamoku… located in the concrete around this monument is the Surfers’ Hall of Fame. This is where surfing legends have been honored by immortalizing their hand prints, footprints and signatures in the sidewalk… similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA. Some of the famous surfers in the Hall of Fame include Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Jack O’Neill, Robert August and Laird Hamilton. If you ever have the chance, you should walk over them and look at the names… it’s a fun thing to do!

All in all, the Vans U.S. Open Surfing Competition is a big winner and loved by men and women large and small, young and old! It draws over 500,000 people, bringing in revenue of $16.4 million to the city of Huntington Beach and $21.5 million to Orange County. This money helps to pay for all of the extra security it takes to keep our city safe during this busy time of year. The HB Police cover the streets with police on foot, horseback, motorcycles and cars. They do a great job keeping the city under raps while still enjoying themselves and letting others have fun! They have their hands full for sure!! Here we are…. 56 years later from the very first Huntington Beach Surf Championship… still going strong!!! Thank you Huntington for being so much fun!!!

Surfing - Home & Realty Magazine
Huntington for Fun’s Stacey Kuhne-Mercer and Lori Thompson reporting live at the Van’s US Open of Surfing!

Coach’s Mediterranean Bar & Grill

Hello Huntington Beach!

It is again time for Huntington for Fun! This month you are going to learn about one of the best restaurants, bar & grill and restaurant owners this beautiful city has to offer! The restaurant is Coach’s Mediterranean Grill & Bar and its owner is Coach! The location is perfect, the food is classic Turkish/Mediterranean old world dishes and a full bar. Although Coach has operated a successful restaurant since 1994, his plans to expand and open up the restaurant are going to make this place even more social and inviting.

Bar & Grill - Home & Realty MagazineCoach is originally from Antioch, Turkey, and is the youngest of five brothers. He was born into a baking business family and had learned about hard work at the tender age of 6 years old. When Coach was 17 years old, he started his journey as a chef in Turkey, cooking for diplomats and celebrities. At 21, Coach came to the USA with little cash and spoke little English. He knew instantly Huntington Beach was his new home… He has been here ever since and is loved by all who meet him… In 1992, he opened his first deli on Main Street serving gyros. Right next door in 1994, he opened the Grill & Bar. He has since, expanded a deli and a second location at Beach and Atlanta in 2013. Coach and his wife Tuba have both raised 2 beautiful children and are along this journey with their parents building this family business dream.

Coach’s Mediterranean Grill & Bar is located in the heart of Downtown Huntington Beach Main Street. Also, my favorite, it’s located on the sunny side of the street. The menu offers a fine selection of family passed down recipes… including kebabs, gyros, fresh seafood, pastas, salads, and famous appetizers… don’t forget the hummus and pita!! They also have a tempting dessert menu and famous for their Apricot Special… a true Turkish delight!!! After a yummy dinner and dessert, you can make your way over to the bar, which is made of stone and lights up from underneath… it is gorgeous! Coach makes a drink called Coach’s Paradise made with pink lemonade, cranberry and mango infused with mandarin and peach vodka… I have to say, it is delicious! If that is not what you’re looking for, they have a huge selection of drinks and experienced bar tenders that can accommodate any drink menu! On the weekends, you can enjoy live music and dancing! Coach’s is a perfect place for a party or celebration of any kind! They also offer Happy Hour daily from 3-6….good to know…

Bar & Grill - Home & Realty Magazine

Stacey and I talked to Coach about his future plans for the restaurant… it is exciting! He is going to open up the entire front! He will be removing the pillars out front and replacing it with big glass accordion-like doors. The whole store front will open completely. They will be replacing the chairs and tables with booths and couch-like seating with fire pits. He will have raised tables for more effective people watching! It’s a favorite past time here on Main Street. I really love going to Main Street and sitting down to a good meal… Coach’s Mediterranean Grill & Bar is always a winner! You will not meet a nicer guy either! The next time you are Downtown Huntington Beach and are in the mood for Mediterranean food, do not hesitate to pop into Coach’s Mediterranean Bar & Grill… you will be glad you did!


HB Equestrian Center

Equestrian - Home & Realty Magazine
Stacey Mercer, Elena Zimina, Lori Thompson

This month Elena, Stacey and I are featuring Huntington Beach’s very own equestrian center. It is located on Goldenwest Street between Ellis and Slater and is one of Huntington Beach’s hidden gems! It is situated on 25 acres of beautiful, sea-breezed land, just 2-miles from the beach. Home to nearly 400 horses, with multiple trainers and arenas, as well as more than 150 acres of public trails, this equestrian center offers so many exciting and fun horse related activities, its enough to keep you busy all day! This playground offers daily trail rides, lessons of all kinds, such as, Western, Hunter Jumper, Dressage and one of my favorite the Therapeutic Riding Center. HBEC is also home to our very own HB Police Mounted Enforcement Units horses.

We spoke with some of the professionals here to share some information with our readers. Horse Play Rentals specializes in fun, relaxing trail rides through the hills of Huntington Beach. Their horse clinics include after-school programs, summer clinics, and badge programs for both girl and boy scouts. They also offer “party packages” for birthday parties. There are several packages to choose from and can be found online.

Huntington Beach’s Equestrian Center also features Red Horse Barn… for Weddings and Events. This is a romantic, intimate area located next to an exclusive 10-horse stable. It is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and situated atop the hill of the equestrian center. The Red Horse Barn is a rustic, yet elegant setting for anyone’s special event. There is a spacious outdoor lawn area that accommodates up to 250 guests for both a ceremony and a reception. There is also a private Brides Suite and Grooms Room available. These events can be scheduled by appointment only… give them a call for rates and availability.

For Western Training, we have our very own Rick Baer. Rick has been training horses for more than 30 years. He started riding at a young age and began his horse training career working for the late Glen Gimple. Rick worked with Glen for eight years and then opened up his own training business. Rick has a strong work ethic and a no-nonsense approach to training. His honesty and integrity are evident in every facet of his business. He has done everything from breaking horses to winning championships! He is a valuable part of HB’s Equestrian Center.

I could not write this article without talking about the Therapeutic Riding Center. Their Mission Statement is as follows…. We strive to empower people with physical and developmental challenges to discover their greatest strengths and fain a sense of self-confidence and self-reliance through the special relationship with a horse. The Therapeutic Riding Center (TRC) was founded in 1990 by a group of community volunteers who wanted to provide services to individuals with disabilities in the form of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies. It is a non-profit organization that serves children and adults of all ages, with a variety of disabilities, including autism, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, muscular dystrophy as well as vision and hearing disabilities. The value of a horse as a therapeutic tool has been well documented over the past fifty years. In a world where we are often judged by appearances, where out abilities are over-shadowed by our disabilities, the horse does not judge. It has been traced back to the ancient Greeks, in 17th century Europe. Physicians utilized the horse to treat various neurological disorders. Horses have changed the therapy world and are an excellent resource to reach out to people of all kinds.

Last and certainly not least, I am excited to talk about Huntington Beach’s new Mounted Enforcement Unit. While enjoying the trails, Elena, Stacey and I ran into Officer Gabe Ricci and his horse Kelly Blue (named after Kelly Morehouse, an HB resident that was killed last year) and Officer Stoecklein riding his horse Grace. They are 2 out of three officers chosen for this special unit, which now patrols the downtown area, beaches, parks and large gathering areas. These horses and officers have been going through vigorous training for several months at the HB Central Park Equestrian Center. After looking at some of the challenges we’ve had with the last US Open and at night with some of the crowds, horses became an option to help break up crowds along Main Street and on the beach during these heavy traffic times. When people see a horse coming, they tend to move out of the way! The horses were donated to the department and are the some of the most gentle and well spirited animals I’ve ever been around!!

This truly was an enjoyable column to write… please visit The HB Equestrian Center sometime when you have a couple hours to kill. And, don’t forget to say “hi” to our horseback riding police officers when you see them downtown!




Doppio Zero Pizzeria Huntington Beach

by Stacey Kuhne- Mercer, Elena Zimina, and Lori Thompson

Agents of Coldwell Banker Beachside Realtors

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine
Doppio Zero Pizzeria

Doppio Zero Pizzeria Huntington Beach Restaurant Review
Welcome back to Huntington Beaches’ “Huntington For Fun”! This month Stacey, Elena and I are featuring a new kid in town…. “Doppio Zero Pizzeria”. Doppio Zero brings a bit of Italy to Huntington Beach, with its humble location off of Main Street, 100% organic ingredients and its extended menu, guests can enjoy a slice of pizza while sitting outside and watching the free entertainment go by.

Restaurant owners Carlotta and Francesco Zaza are so excited to open and offer this exclusive and special pizzeria to our city! They were both raised in Italy and had worked in restaurants there for about 5 years. They had a discussion of bringing their authentic Italian here to HB and opening a pizzeria. The decision was made to take and amazing risk…. They sold their home there and moved to, yes, you guessed it, Surf City Huntington Beach, CA. They had fallen in love with Huntington Beach themselves while traveling the world to surf. They would come to Huntington on vacations as part of their “surf tour”. Eventually, they made the decision to work and plan here. They found the perfect location with the right amount of square footage they needed… it just took a little negotiating and they were up and running! If anyone remembers where Coaches Deli used to be, this is where you will find this very different and healthy pizza.

Now, lets talk about the food… amazing! First of all, this is not just Italian pizza but Roman Italian pizza. This means its very thin!!… and is square!! Doppio Zero only uses the best and freshest ingredients on their pizzas.100% organic, 100% homemade, 72 hour rising dough and everything is slow baked, making it extra flavorful!

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine
An amazing selection

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty MagazineI, Lori Thompson, enjoyed the Rustica: Crispy bacon, potato, mozzarella cheese and rosemary. It was delicious and very kid friendly. Stacey had the Parmigianino with eggplant, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. Elena was the brave one and ordered the special of the day “From Hell”, which now is a daily pizza. It consists of jalapenos, olives, and loaded with sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It is very spicy and delicious! They have so many different pizzas, including truffle and porcini, broccoli and a beautiful marguerite pizza. All pizzas are served on a wooden cutting board which adds to the fun beachy atmosphere. The tomato sauce is 100% tomato sauce and the meats are all hormone free. Carlotta arrives every morning while we are still sleeping to make the fresh dough and prepare the fresh pastries. Oh, the pastries!! They are amazing!! She makes fresh croissants, cannoli, tiramisu….. All baked fresh on-site and 100% organic! They also serve handmade pasta, homemade soups, sandwiches, delicious calzones and fresh as can be salads.
Not only can you enjoy lunch and dinner here, you can also enjoy breakfast as they are open during the week from 10:00am to 10:00pm and Friday/Saturday 10:0am0 to 3:00am… If you are ever out late and no one is open and you just feel like enjoying a fresh pastry and cup of coffee this is the place… literally the only place open until 3:00am downtown…nice to know….

Coming soon to Doppio Zero is a full outdoor patio with awnings and outdoor heaters. Here in Huntington Beach we like to sit outdoor and people watch while we enjoy a fresh meal and a refreshing drink. Speaking of drinks, they will also be serving beer and wine soon! These new additions should take place before Summer 2015… I can’t wait!

We highly recommend this pizzeria. We had a lot of fun, the energy is very positive and the food is fantastic!! The service is very family-like and hospitable… Welcome Doppio Zero to Downtown Huntington Beach! We had a great experience and look forward to many more!!!


Duke’s Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review - Home & Realty Magazine

Welcome back to Huntington Beaches’ “Huntington For Fun”! This month we are featuring our very own Dukes of Huntington Beach. Duke’s brings aloha spirit and a bit of history to Huntington Beach, and its location atop the Huntington Beach Pier gives guests a view of the shoreline’s legendary surf!

Today, we are here, Lori Thompson, Stacey Kuhn-Mercer and Elena Zimina of Coldwell Banker Beachside, with restaurant manager Tracy Bertka. We are enjoying the ever so loved Poke Tacos, Coconut Shrimp, Chips and Guacamole and a Dukes Bloody Mary! The atmosphere at Dukes is so inviting… you can dress up or dress beachy due to its location. This beautiful restaurant is based around a humble swimmer named Kahanamolu that made surfing a legendary sport!

Restaurant Review - Home & Realty Magazine

Kahanamoku easily qualified for the U.S. Olympic swimming team in 1912, breaking the record for the 200 meter freestyle in his trial heat for the 4×200 relay. He went on to win several gold, silver and bronze medals in the 100 meter freestyle.

Between Olympic competitions, and after retiring from the Olympics, Kahanamoku traveled internationally to give swimming exhibitions. It was during this period that he popularized the sport of surfing, previously known only in Hawaii, by incorporating surfing exhibitions into these visits as well. The board that Kahanamoku built from a piece of pine from a local hardware store is retained by the Freshwater Surf Club. There is a statue of Kahanamoku on the headland at Freshwater. He made surfing popular in mainland America first in 1912 while in Southern California.

During his time living in Southern California, Kahanamoku performed in Hollywood as a background actor and a character actor in several films. In this way, he made connections with people who could further publicize the sport of surfing. Kahanamoku was involved with the Los Angeles Athletic Club, acting as lifeguard and competing on both swimming and water polo teams.

While living in Newport Beach, California on June 14, 1925, Kahanamoku rescued eight men from a fishing vessel that capsized in heavy surf while attempting to enter the city’s harbor. 29 fishermen went into the water and 17 perished. Using his surfboard, he was able to make quick trips back and forth to shore to increase the number of sailors rescued. Two other surfers saved four more fishermen. Newport’s police chief at the time called Duke’s efforts “the most superhuman surfboard rescue act the world has ever seen!!”

Restaurant Review - Home & Realty Magazine

In 1940, he married Nadine Alexander, who accompanied him when he traveled. Kahanamoku was the first person to be inducted into both the Swimming Hall of Fame and the Surfing Hall of Fame. The Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championships are named in his honor. He is a member of the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame. He served as sheriff of Honolulu, Hawaii from 1932 to 1961, serving 13 consecutive terms.

Kahanamoku’s name is also used by Duke’s Canoe Club & Barefoot Bar, a beachfront bar and restaurant in the Outrigger Waikiki On The Beach Hotel. There is a chain of restaurants named after him in California and Hawaii called Duke’s.

Kahanamoku died of a heart attack on January 22, 1968 at the age of 77. For his burial at sea a long motorcade of mourners, accompanied by a 30-man police escort, moved across town to
Waikiki Beach. Reverend Abraham Akaka, the pastor of Kawaiahao Church, performed the service. A group of beach boys sang Hawaiian songs, including “Aloha Oe”. His ashes were scattered into the ocean… Of course!

Dukes Restaurant of Huntington Beach has that same Aloha Spirit… Manager Tracy Bertka and General Manager Brett Barnes are responsible for organizing endless activities here in HB. Dukes gives back heavily to the community… one way is the Legacy of Aloha Fundraiser. 10% of the Legacy of Aloha purchases goes back to the city for Special Olympics. In 2014, proceeds went to Boys and Girls Club. The shirts are really cool too! As well as these fundraisers, Dukes gives back to the schools – donating each month to elementary and middle schools.

Upcoming is the Black and blue series. A Competition between UCI and Long Beach State as well as the famous Dukes Hula Pie eating contest during the mens basketball competition on January 8.

Restaurant Review - Home & Realty MagazineDukes features fresh fruit cocktails. To go with that fun drink, ask for the crunchy and tangy coconut shrimp appetizer or the unbeatable Poki tacos for a fun Taco Tuesday treat! For entrées, their fresh fish is cooked in Cal-Asian sauces and come with simple sides such as rice and vegetables. There’s also a good steak menu, along with surf ‘n’ turf selections. Finish off your meal with the macadamia nut ice cream pie, which is so big it can be shared with the entire table! Locals and visitors alike come here for Sunday brunch to greet the sun while they enjoy a traditional buffet. Those who are really looking to chill can belly up to the Barefoot Bar and enjoy drinks and a casual menu featuring appetizers, burgers and uncomplicated mains.

Welcome to Huntington for Fun!

Huntington for Fun - Home & Realty Magazine
Huntington for Fun – Stacey Mercer, Elena Zimina and Lori Thompson.

Welcome to Home and Realty Magazine! We’d like to introduce our Huntington for Fun experts, Stacey Mercer, Lori Thompson and Elena Zimina. We’re established realtors with Coldwell Banker Beachside in Huntington Beach California, and reside in this beautiful beach community as well.

We’re thrilled and excited to be co-publishing our new column for Home and Realty Magazine – “Huntington for Fun.” As residents of Huntington Beach we’d like to share with you some of our favorite insiders’ fun filled suggestions to popular restaurants, shopping, events, entertainment, beautiful destinations and amenities while visiting our Huntington Beach community.

We’re in Surf City USA, and Huntington Beach does not disappoint. We have beautiful beaches and weather, four star resorts, restaurants, locally owned businesses, and world renowned events, such as the US Open Surf Championship, and AVP Beach Volleyball. We also have some of the most beautiful and coveted real estate in the world. We as realtors are here to aid you any way we can, and to provide you with a service with utmost respect and courtesy. You are our clients and we work for you, with pleasure.

“Huntington for Fun” is a creative new column offering individual participation from our Huntington Beach area readers. In every issue we’d like to invite everyone to participate – to help create and design along side our writing staff. Your personal ideas can offer a much wider variety of excitement and make designing each column a great deal of fun!

Let us know what your favorite hot spots are in Huntington beach and throughout southern California. Each month we’ll be showcasing your suggestions and information for everyone to enjoy by visiting some of these favorite destinations and reporting our findings to our readers. Let us know what exciting events or contests that might be coming up, new restaurants, shops, boutiques, information on anything that you wish to share, and you want others to know about. Are there any hidden gems that we don’t know about? Do you have a great idea for a contest that you would like to share? This column was really designed for fun and the participation of our Huntington Beach residents. We are excited to have all of you involved to have as much fun as we are, putting together this column together for you. Simply fill out the comment sheet and send in your suggestions.

We welcome all of your input and encourage you to share your creative ideas and invite friends and family, to comment about our surrounding beach cities. Be sure to share our column with all of your family members and friends that will be visiting you in the near future!

We welcome all of your input, and look forward to hearing from you!

Respectfully, “Huntington for Fun” Co-Publishers

Stacey Mercer, Lori Thompson, Elena Zimina
Contact hff@homeandrealtymag.com