by Teri Conrad When we work in the service industry we are making a brand promise to our clients whether we’ve ever worked with them or not. Just creating a pretty logo and a clever tag line do not a brand make. There has to be a consistent thread of experience that ties everything together.… Read More

Kindness Can Change Our World by Stuart Thomas Every week, I have the privilege of writing a motivational message which I send out to our Realtors, associates and friends. I also post them on Facebook. It’s a great way to start the week. These emails are written with the idea that we can all do… Read More

M.A.D.E. in Long Beach Around Town Column, by Robin Auwerda Sure it’s fun to “shop local”…. Shopping local seems to be the “in” thing to do lately. But shopping locally can be harder than it sounds. At least little me thinks so. Where are these so called local shops and their local owners? Are they… Read More

I have been commissioned to re-paint my classic “Revelation of Peace” painting, an original oil painting comprised of 4 great men who each became icons of Peace in their own unique ways. Originally created in 2010 in collaboration with philanthropist Gilles Sensenbrenner, this painting was created to use in fundraising efforts for various charities worldwide.… Read More

Robin Auwerda’s “Broer” Visits Long Beach When you live in a world far away from the ones you grew up with, it is a great experience when they come and visit you! My brother Martijn recently visited us. Martijn is 3 years younger than I, has a job, he lives mostly independent, is mentally handicapped,… Read More

THE BIG PICTURE: How having a big, risky vision can move mountains. by Teri Conrad They say in life ‘you get what you settle for’. In Real Estate, its easy to fall into the trap of routine, ‘busy-making’ activities and end up with a lack of direction. You wake up, check your Facebook, dig through… Read More

My dad grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where many people are of English ancestry and are in love with the traditional pasties recipes. The pasty is such a savvy comfort food that many hunters and miners eat them as a quick and convenient lunch. In one dish you nourish yourself with all three important… Read More

This month Elena, Stacey and I are featuring Huntington Beach’s very own equestrian center. It is located on Goldenwest Street between Ellis and Slater and is one of Huntington Beach’s hidden gems! It is situated on 25 acres of beautiful, sea-breezed land, just 2-miles from the beach. Home to nearly 400 horses, with multiple trainers… Read More

by Stacey Kuhne- Mercer, Elena Zimina, and Lori Thompson Agents of Coldwell Banker Beachside Realtors Doppio Zero Pizzeria Huntington Beach Restaurant Review Welcome back to Huntington Beaches’ “Huntington For Fun”! This month Stacey, Elena and I are featuring a new kid in town…. “Doppio Zero Pizzeria”. Doppio Zero brings a bit of Italy to Huntington… Read More

To all of my nice friends who have requested my recipe for this wonderful dish! I am excited to share my Sweet French Onion Soup recipe with you. In the real world, I can only take credit for about three meals worth sharing a recipe with my friends and this is one of the three.… Read More