A Perfect Weekend

Huntington Beach is now known as Surf City. A couple of weekends ago I had the perfect weekend in Surf City. After the weekend was done I was filled with great memories and a couple of surf medals even though I don’t surf! More on that later. Saturday morning I had the opportunity to photograph the 3rd annual senior surf contest by the HB pier. Sunday morning was time to run the 10K Surf City race along PCH. Both days I witnessed camaraderie, fun, courage, and hard work.

On Saturday I met and chatted with the nicest people involved with the senior surf contest. Everyone was in a good mood and enjoying the morning. It was a foggy and chilly morning, but no one seemed to mind. They were focused on the surf contest. I met the most interesting people that morning. Becky was competing in the surf contest and was enjoying catching up with her surfing friends that were also going to compete. Becky was so personable and even encouraged me to try surfing which I have never been brave enough to attempt.

There was an 88-year gentleman, Father Christian Mondor, who was there to support the event and also participate. I spoke to him briefly and he was so charming. He wasn’t too sure about competing that morning because his ankle was bothering him. Arthritis his doctor had told him. But he knew there was another gentleman in his division that wanted to compete so he thought he would give it a go. I suggested he could just put his toe in the water and see what happened. So, to my surprise, next thing I know he had put on his wetsuit, picked up a boogie board and walked down to the water. He went out into the water and rode in several nice waves in the surf. He came out, a big grin on his face. He said he had enough for the day. What courage he showed. After all, he had plenty of excuses for why not to go in the water with arthritis in his ankle and heart surgery within the last year. He didn’t want to let anyone down and he did great.

Perfect Weekend - Home & Realty Magazine
l. to r.: Chris (from Huntington Beach City), John, and Father Christian


In between chatting with the surfers and volunteers, I took photographs to try and capture the events of the morning. Next, it was time to prepare for the 10k race the following day. I picked up my race bib and goody bag at city hall. I went home to put my racing chip on my shoe so they can track your time during the race and picked out my race outfit.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Saturday’s fog and cool temperatures gave way to the sunshine and warmer temperatures on Sunday morning for the race. Since it was close to Halloween I saw a bunch of people wearing costumes. I saw a pirate, mermaid, minions and more. I am always impressed by people who can run a race of any length in a costume. It doesn’t look easy or comfortable. Hats off to anyone who can run a race in a costume!

At the start line, they placed some surf music to get us all pumped up and ready to go. I was looking forward to seeing how I would do in this race since I had just run a half marathon in Denver the weekend before. About a year ago I was unable to walk without severe pain and the help of a wheelchair so this was a big deal to be running two races back to back weekends. I was focused on keeping a good pace the whole race. I wanted to improve on my last 10K time. I didn’t get my best time ever, but I was so happy to place 3rd in my age group for the HB locals. And I was proud to notice that I was the fastest 49 years old female competing that day.

So I walked away with a finisher’s mini surfboard medal and another medal for my age group! How cool is that? I would say that is a pretty perfect weekend in Surf City. And Becky, you never know. Maybe one of these days I will get up the courage to try surfing!

Have Your Cake… and Eat It Too.

In my last article, we discussed what and when you should eat. Another most controversial topics by far is, “which is the best diet to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time?”. Notice I did say ‘diet’ and did not mention anything about health. Furthermore, lets be honest, most of us want to look hot and sexy whether or not it’s healthy. Of course we are greedy; we want our cake and eat it too. Naturally. Otherwise what’s the point of having cake, or pie, or ice cream or any dessert for that matter if you can’t eat and enjoy it? (Warm butter cake at Mastro’s Steakhouse with vanilla bean ice cream, fresh berries and home made whipped cream is my favorite.)

It’s funny how we have evolved. We want instant gratification of losing weight even though it took months to years to gain the weight. In fact, we “expect” to lose in matter of days and think it should be “easy”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What’s wrong with us? To think that we can actually make a huge dramatic change over night when it took us months to get fat and lazy is ludicrous. But make no mistake, that’s why the weight loss industry is the biggest and fastest growing industry out there. The U.S. weight loss market reached $60.9 Billion last year but a large percentage of them are jumping from fad to fad trying it themselves. The bad thing about this is people are getting unhealthier by the day due to following bad advice or only half of the diet information.

It’s fall now and people are starting to get back to their normal routine of working out and getting back into shape following their summer hiatus. However, the holidays are right around the corner and people want to make rapid results before the holiday and new years parties. There are so many diets and “get ripped quick” programs out there. You see them advertised on TV and in the magazines, especially the thermogenesis. There’s Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, Weight Watchers, Lindora, HCG diets, and the MLM companies such as Body by Vi (Visalis), Herba Life, Isagenix, and the list goes on and on. They will all be advertising heavily throughout the holiday season. All of them have some great things about their program and have worked for many people. The question remains, which one should you do with all these choices. Some of these programs you may have tried or know someone who has and had moderate to great results.

This is a very difficult question to answer. However, it really comes down to your lifestyle and your commitment. Why? If I told you that you had to eat a salad for both lunch and dinner everyday and you travel a lot or commute to and from work this may be too difficult for you to stay consistent daily for the duration of the program. Or, if I told you had to drink 2 shakes and eat a sensible dinner (gee we haven’t heard this before… Slim Fast) everyday for 4-6 weeks and you want to “chew” your meals, this may not work for you either. Not to mention, you are doing this for a specific result time to “look” or “feel” better and lose as much as possible in the shortest period of time. Then what?

Are you going to continue to eat a salad for lunch and dinner for the rest of your life? No. Are you only going to have a shake for breakfast and lunch daily for the rest of your life and not eat real food? Probably not. In fact, after you reach your goal or the event occurs that you are dieting for passes, you will most likely go back to what you were doing before. So what’s the answer?

Typical weight loss programs have a 90-day retention. After about 90 days, most people, not all but the majority, usually stop “dieting” and go back to what they were doing before. Hopefully making a few better choices following their diet program. What if all they were doing was drinking a shake? What if they were just taking a pill or getting a shot? What have they learned to “keep” the fat off and stop it from rebounding? For the most part… nothing.

So what’s the answer? You have to find what works for you. What will you do? What will you commit to for the duration of the program? Notice I didn’t say what “can” you do. I said what ‘WILL’ you do? I hear this all the time, “I know what to do. I know how to workout. I know what to eat.” Really?

“Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Willing is not enough. We must do.” ~ Bruce Lee

Having the knowledge is not enough. You must apply what you know and like Nike, Just Do It! Here is something that has worked for me as a bodybuilder and for 100’s of my clients and tens of thousands of others who have completed this program and learned how to keep the fat off after they finished. Due to trademarks, patents and legal issues I will give as much detail as possible without using specific names of products in this article.

I have written a manual for modifications to this program for athletes and bikini, physique, bodybuilding competitors. I have done this diet successfully twice for competition and looked and felt phenomenal! The reason I mention this is because this program not only works for those who want to lose 15 to 20 to 100+ lbs., but also for athletes and physique competitors or models who just need the extra edge. See my attached photos.

Find a program that requires you to eat real food, not pre packaged, or just shakes. You need to learn proper food selection and portion size. You can’t learn this if you buy pre-packaged foods or just drinking shakes. In the beginning you will have to weigh your food so you learn what a proper portion is. We live in the land of “super size me”. We don’t get proper portions at restaurants when we order our food. Not to mention when I was growing up we had to clean our plate before getting up from the dinner table, especially the vegetables.

This program requires a very specific formula that you need to email me directly at nathan@homeandrealtymag.com for the details. You eat 4 x a day very specific foods and portion size. You drink a gallon of water daily cutting out all fats and most carbs. In fact, it’s very similar to a bodybuilding or bikini competitor diet with less carbs due to lack of exercise on most peoples part that are doing this program. I wrote a short book on proper modifications for athletes to follow to achieve the results they are looking for. Basically it’s lean proteins, tons of vegetables, a few select fruits and no fat or complex carbs. Portion size is dictated by me, your coach, who will be with you for the diet portion including 2 months of maintenance following the diet so you keep the weight off. This is the key to dieting! You must know what to do AFTER so you can keep it off!

Results from latest client: He Lost -24 lbs. and -23” in just 1 month! Here is a picture of his graph:

Have Your Cake - Home & Realty Magazine
Results Graph

Here are my before and after pics:

Final Weight: 157 lbs., Final Total Body Inches: 313.75” FINAL RESULTS: -17.2 lbs., -16.25” in just 21 days!

Have Your Cake - Home & Realty Magazine
Before Picture – 8/27/11

Have Your Cake - Home & Realty Magazine
After Picture – 9/17/11

April 14, 2012 (day 29)
Competition Day

Final Weight: 153.2 lbs., Final Inches: 306” RESULTS: -17.6 lbs., -14.75” in just 29 days!!!

Have Your Cake - Home & Realty Magazine
Before Picture – 3/16/12

Have Your Cake - Home & Realty Magazine
After Picture – 4/13/12

In the back of my book, I have my bod pod (body fat) results so you can see what I weighed after the holidays 3 months after completing the program and maintaining my weight and body fat!

I know this is very controversial. I know you are skeptical at best. Trust me, none of you were more skeptical then I was before doing the program myself. Bottom line: IT WORKS! I’ve proven it time and time again. I speak from personal experience and coaching hundreds of others from many different lifestyles using this program. What do you have to lose besides fat by working with me as your personal coach to a leaner, tighter, sexier you? I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Market Watch

How’s the Market? Effective Statistics

How’s the Market? Effective Statistics

As a Real Estate Professional you get this question every day and how you answer that question will determine if that client chooses you as their trusted local expert.

Altos Research helps you answer that question with real-time local statistics right in your hand. Branded for you.

Let’s talk about when and how to use statistics in your business effectively. Over the next few issues, we will dive into some case examples. Now we will focus on the Luxury Real Estate Market.

Luxury Market:

Luxury home sellers and buyer do expect their agents to have their fingers on the pulse of the market. Knowing how the luxury market segment is trending differently than the lower priced sets of the market is vital when speaking to the luxury client.

For an example, let’s take a look at Miami Beach, FL 33139. As of September 1st, it was the 14th most expensive zip codes in the US with greater than 10 homes for sale.

Effective Statistics - Home & Realty Magazine
We see that the median listing price has been increasing since mid-May 2013 and inventory being low and moving down since late January 2013.

It is important to see how the high-end homes trend differently,

Effective Statistics - Home & Realty MagazineWe see the top quartiles, or the top 25% or homes in Miami Beach have really been increasing in price since January and as of October 2013 a median listing price of just over $18.2million for single family homes.

An important aspect to consider is that watching the active set of the inventory and how they are performing as a leading indicator for the health and future closed prices. Although I do believe you should know what is close recently and in terms of history, the active and pending data set is rich with signal. Your luxury client will want to know not only what the trend is, but also how to beat that trend! The high-end clients are looking for you, the expert to know more than what they can read in the newspaper or online.

Days on market is a strong trend to watch. It is important in managing the expectations of a seller as well as showing a buyer if they do not have the benefit of time in making the decision to purchase. Watching the trend of the stat is the key. Let’s look at the DOM (days on market) for the past 3 years.

Effective Statistics - Home & Realty Magazine

Looking three years back allows us to see if there are any seasonal trends as well as in the case of Miami Beach, the most recent high and low points. Although the DOM where trending higher since July 2012, we see a steep downward trend this mid-July.

A strong leading indicator of the health of a given market is the percent of inventory that has taken a price reduction and has not yet sold. In the luxury market, it is in imperative to compare the total market and the high-end market.

Effective Statistics - Home & Realty Magazine

Currently approximately 11% of the total inventory has taken a price reduction and is not sold. The trend is showing that number is getting smaller. This points to strength in the upward trend in pricing for Miami Beach in both the high-end segment as well as the market as a whole. Sellers and buyers should watch this stat. For context, the average percent of price reductions for a normalized market is approximately 35%.

A case example of how to use these types of stats in your business, I turn to The Institute of Luxury Home Marketing. Their core business is helping real estate professionals provide high-quality service to the buyers and sellers of luxury homes and in so doing, maximize their own success in the upper-tier residential market. Altos Research provides unique data sets to their members that help the real estate professional set themselves apart and to better serve the luxury market.

Next issue we will take a look at how to use statistics to reach your past clients with meaningful content.

If you would like to learn more about Altos Research and how they assist thousands of Real Estate Agents across the country better position their business for the Luxury market, feel free to reach out to us.

Kristin Evans
National Director of Retail and Brokerage Sales
Altos Research
1.877.819.7775 Ext. 2

Journey - Home & Realty Magazine

Enjoy Your Journeys

One of my favorite poems is “Ithaka” by a Greek poet, C.P. Cavafy, written in 1911. Here are a couple of lines from the poem. “As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery… do not hurry the journey at all… Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey. Without her, you would not have set out.” When I first read this poem I was studying in Greece for a semester during college. It was so cool to be studying a Greek poet’s work while living in Greece. This poem has always resonated with me as a great metaphor for life and living. To me, it means having goals in your life and working towards them while enjoying the process and the journey. As I start my year long training to get ready for my next big running goal of running a 63 kilometer race (39.3 miles) in Patagonia I will have plenty of time to contemplate these thoughts. For anyone who has trained for any sport you know the amount of time and effort, it takes to get to the start line and then ultimately the finish line. Training always has its ups and downs. But, you still do it because you have a goal. Recently Diana Nyad completed her goal of swimming from Cuba to Florida. What an inspiring story! She is 64 years old and refused to give up on her dream of accomplishing her goal. I loved her words of encouragement to us all when she came out of the water at the end of her journey. She said to never give up, you are never too old, and it takes a team of people to help you accomplish your goals.

I recently went to the funeral service of JoAnn, a woman I had volunteered with at Assistance League Huntington Beach. Her husband and her daughter spoke about JoAnn and her love of travel and adventures. Even when she was fighting cancer she was up to travel around the world and experience other cultures along the way. Her husband recollected her love of shopping during their travels, especially the indoor mall in Istanbul which he said is the largest in the world. It was wonderful to hear all that JoAnn had done during her life. JoAnn approached me when she got her cancer diagnosis and asked that I take her portrait in my photography studio. The family chose to use that portrait at her funeral service. (The portrait is below.) It was a hard portrait session for JoAnn knowing that she was sad about the cancer diagnosis. How do you manage to smile when you don’t know what the future holds? She was so brave and fought so hard for over a year and a half before the doctors said there were no more treatments available to help fight cancer. JoAnn didn’t hurry her journey. She made the most of it and all her wonderful adventures.

Healthy Food

What Should I Eat? …and How Much?

What should I eat? How many calories should I consume? I don’t eat carbs because they are bad, right?

I get asked many questions but most of them are nutrition related. The most frequently asked question by far is; “what do I eat and how much?” Not only is this a very good question, but also it’s also the most difficult to answer. Nutrition is the most misunderstood topic even today with endless amounts of information from books to magazines, to blogs and websites on the internet, and now “weight loss challenges on TV”. I will say this: “be careful who you listen to”. Due to social media anyone who looks good in a bikini or with their shirt off, claims to be an expert in weight loss and nutrition. You see, there is no standard across the board that works for everybody because we are all individuals that require different needs bases on many different factors. What works for my body, may not work for yours.

That being said, I will do my best to help give you some basic information that is proven by science and based on my experience working with many different types of people throughout my 12 years in the fitness and wellness industry. I am not saying what you know or think you know is wrong. I’m just going to give you some different ways of looking at your food that will help you achieve your goal.

To have a leaner body you need to make sure you are getting enough protein in your nutrition plan. I know this is a sensitive subject about protein types (animal or vegetable) so use whatever you are eating now. Just make sure that what you are eating is a “complete protein” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complete_protein)

Calculate your daily protein requirements: Take your total body weight and divide that by your body fat %. Then take the total fat lbs. and subtract that form your total weight. This will give you your lean body mass (muscle, bone, skin) LBM. You want to make sure you are feeding only your muscle not your total body weight. {Formula: Lean Body weight (in lbs.) x Need Factor = Daily Protein Requirement (in grams)

Ex – Total Weight = 200 lbs., Body Fat % = 20% (200 x .20 = 40 lbs. of fat – 200 = 160 lbs. LBM. Therefore: 160 x .7 (moderate training 3 x week) = 112 grams of protein which near 450 calories just from protein. Now that’s what the need factor says. However, from my experience a 200 lbs. male who wants to build muscle will need to consume more protein than this. How much? Depends on his metabolism, frequency of exercise, and how fast he wants to change his physique.

(1) Need Factors:
(a)  .5 – Sedentary, no sports or training
(b)  .6 – Jogger or light fitness training
(c)  .7 – Sports participation or moderate training 3-x week
(d)  .8 – Moderate daily weight training or aerobic training
(e)  .9 – Heavy weight training daily
(f) 1.0 – Heavy weight training daily plus sports training or “2-a-day” training

i. Fruit: Depending on your size, weight, genetic make up and the intensity and frequency of your exercise I recommend you start with the medium or regular size fruit. If you find yourself a little hungry or light headed from lack of blood sugar than increase to the large size fruit. You really have to see how your body responds. Try the large size fruit and see if you feel better, more satiated (full) for a longer period of time to get you 2-3 hours until you eat again. Your workouts should remain strong and feel good. You should have plenty of energy to get through your entire workout as long as the food combination is correct.

ii. Vegetables: It depends on the vegetable but for the most part; eat as much as your heart desires. If you get hungry an hour after you eat or before it’s time to have your snack (fruit) or next meal (lunch or dinner) then double the portion size of veges at your next meal.

iii. Protein: There is not a specific portion size for every athlete across the board due to different body types and sports or activities you are involved in. However, here is a rule of thumb: gradually increase your portion (gram) size of protein until you feel content and not hungry for 2.5-3 hours. {Example: 100 grams of boneless, skinless chicken breast is approximately 3-4 oz. and 20.5 grams of protein, 150-200 grams which is 30.8 grams & 41 grams of protein respectively, approx. 5 oz. = 31grams of protein & 7 oz. = 41 grams of protein} I recommend you consume around 20-30 grams of complete protein per meal.

iv. Carbohydrates: Eat the recommended amount depending on the type of carbohydrate depending on your size, weight, genetic make up and the intensity and frequency of your exercise. {Ex: ½ cup of oatmeal; 1 or 2 slices of bread depending on calorie content and amount of carbs per slice (all are different so look at the serving size then the carb grams); ½ or whole yam, ½ or 1 cup of rice (brown or white); 1-2 cups of pasta cooked}. Carbs are the most misunderstood of all the food groups and are most labeled “bad”. In a recent article in Details Aug 2013 issue entitled “The New Rules of Carbs” it talks about “carb cycling” which bodybuilders and athletes have been doing for years. Simply stated you fluctuate your carbohydrate intake on a daily basis.

v. Carb Cycle: I use this philosophy with most of my clients who follow my nutrition plan and get results fast. You have a Low-Carb day (non resistance training day), Moderate-Carb Day, and a High-Carb Day (typically Leg Day cause you will need the energy and carbs to recover). The bottom line is if you want to lean out fast, drop fat and build lean muscle then you must learn how to carb cycle. I do this on a weekly basis. This is how I stay relatively lean year round. Here’s what you need to know. First think of your next meal based on what you will be doing the next 3 hours. If you will be working out, then make sure you have a decent amount of carbs like 30-60 grams which is 120-240 calories just from carbs. It’s very hard to say how much cause we all have individual needs. If it’s your last meal of the night before going to bed then you don’t need “energy” (from carbs) therefore don’t eat carbs or eat a very low amount. I would recommend just having protein and veges. Unless, it is your “post-workout” meal – that’s a whole different discussion that needs an article all it’s own.

There will always be some trial and error involved as you learn what works for your body and what activities/sports you are involved in. It is very specific per individual so I can only give you guidelines to start with. You will have to see how your body responds based on your strength, mental focus, energy level, recovery, duration of exertion, and of course your digestive system.

Quick Review:
Eat balance of carbs, protein & low fat per meal
Try to consume between 20-30 grams of protein per meal
Eat smaller portion meals throughout the day
# of meals depends on goals and body (3-6 is a good start)
Snacks are meals too; don’t count them separately. You are still consuming calories!
Eat high carbs on heavy intense workout days such as “leg day”
Eat lower carbs on cardio or non-workout days
Drink up to a gallon of water daily to keep satiated and full of energy
Do not eat carbs before going to bed (time is irrelevant) when you sleep is important.

Travel, Running, and Photography in Chile

Sloan in Chile

Today I am serving up stories about travel, running, and photography in Chile.

I just got back from an amazing trip to Chile! Why Chile? We were on a quest to finish running the seven continents and needed to find a race in South America. We don’t like to run in very hot weather so we chose a race on Easter Island off the coast of Chile. This was going to be their cooler time of year as they are heading into winter now. (This was a trip organized by Marathon Tours and Travel based in Boston.) When I heard about the race on Easter Island I envisioned a laid back, old style version of Hawaii with the mysterious giant statues called moai (they can be up to 30 feet tall!).

Easter Island is known as the most remote inhabited island on earth. The Polynesians called the island Rapa Nui. It is about 7 miles wide and about 14 miles long. You fly in from Santiago, Chili and the flight time is just over five hours. When you arrive at the small airport you immediately get the small island feeling. We loaded up into several small tour buses and headed to our hotel which was hosting the runners for the race. The hotel was single story with about 35 rooms. The rooms are far from fancy, but you don’t spend much time in the room anyway so we didn’t care too much. As of now I don’t think there are any truly luxury hotels on the island.

For the adventurous people there are many activities you can do on the island besides running. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, horseback riding, bike riding, and hiking. There are tours you can go on to learn more about the moai and a small museum of artifacts.

Hungry? You’ll find lots of seafood on the restaurant menus. Thirsty? You need to try the Pisco sour drink. Careful though. They are potent and have a way of sneaking up on you! One thing we found interesting was that some of the restaurants would randomly close for a couple of days once they had a good lunch or dinner crowd. Made it fun for us to find places to eat!

Back to the reason for our trip to Easter Island- the race. My husband signed up for the full marathon (26.2 miles) and I signed up for the half marathon (13.1 miles) race. There were about 30 people in our group from Marathon Tours and Travel. About 150 people ran the variety of races from 5k up to the full marathon.

America – Obesity Epidemic, The World Is Getting Too Fat

by Nathan Rose – Fitness and Nutritional Expert of Huntington Beach, CA

Nathan RoseAs I travel around the country I see more and more people who are in dire straights of needing to lose weight (fat) in a very bad way – just so they don’t drop dead of a heart attack!

My first night in Vegas I see so many young people obviously in their 20’s grossly overweight.  I can only imagine what will happen a few years down the road if the “problem” is not addressed soon.  The “problem” is truly education of poor food choices, portion size, and a lack of resources.

The other problem is just pure laziness and a lack of activity. See when I grew up we played outside – that was how we had fun. Now kids and adults play video games. Yes we had video games as well but we use to play in the street until we got called in for dinner and sometimes got into trouble cause we didn’t want to come in yet, haha.

We know the problems and can identify them – but let’s focus 95% on the solutions!

1. Proper portion size:
Even if you do eat the yummy high fat, high sugar foods the portion nowadays is way too big – and the calories double that of several years ago. The easiest way to figure out a portion is just by looking at your fist and size of your palm. That’s a portion for you.
That means you eat that much and that’s it – right now. Then if there are leftovers, you have them later – not at the same mealtime – wait 2-3 hours.

2. Proper food choices:
A) Fruits & Vegetables:
bottom line we need to eat fresh fruits and veges. Yes most of us don’t like them but they are necessary for our bodies to function properly. We are now told that we should be eating 9-13 servings a day. (That is a lot)
B) Lean proteins:
such as chicken, beef, eggs, turkey, fish. I know what you’re thinking now- but what are they fed should it be organic, free range, etc? The cleaner, leaner, and less chemicals the better so yes no hormones, preservatives, freshest is the best.  Vege proteins as well are becoming more and more mainstream and are super healthy and easy for the body to digest.
C) Good clean complex carbohydrates:
Such as oatmeal, yams, brown rice, whole grains, even white rice, potatoes, and wheat. You see ‘carbs’ and NOT the enemy as much as all the literature, media, and diets say. The problem is we eat way too much of these carbs especially the “white” which break down so easy in the body and don’t give sustainable energy. They turn into simple sugar too fast then we want more and more.

3.  Exercise:

A)  Resistance Training: minimum 3 times a week 30-45 mins.  This is number one because it has been proven time and time again that resistance training increases metabolism and burns more calories then long duration cardio.  I’m not going to site all the literature just take my word for it or Google it.

B)  Cardiovascular Training: minimum 3 times a week of 20-45 mins of high intensity interval training to burn more calories with less working out and continued caloric burn up to 24 hours after completion

C)  Stretching & foam rolling/trigger point therapy: 5-10 mins to relieve stress, soreness, tight muscles and improve circulations and increase recovery time from exercise

4.  Supplementation:

Whether or not you believe in supplements the bottom line is we need them because of the increased free radicals that are in our environment that didn’t exist years ago.  Due to the increase of these bad guys, the amount of “oxidative stress” that our bodies are being attached by has greatly increased as well.  That’s one reason; the other reason is our food sources do not contain the same amount of nutrients they did years ago due to being grown in the same soil year after year.  It is said that to get the same amount of Vitamin C we did from 1 orange several years ago we need to eat 4-5 today.  We don’t eat 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily bases to get all the essential nutrients our organs, brain, heart, liver, kidneys, muscles, skin, eyes, hair need to operate and regenerate at on OPITIMAL level to have the highest protection possible against oxidative stress which are linked to over 200 cancers and diseases.  Then the question comes which products should we take?  How do we know if what we are taking is actually working?

There are many different companies and products out there to discuss any particular brand by name in this article.  However, you may contact me to get more specific information about what I use and recommend to my clients and family.

Please share this post on your blog site, or social media page, or email to your friends or family to help them focus on the solutions to America’s and the World’s Obesity epidemic.

Lifestyle of a Photographer, Marathon Athlete, Traveler


Traveler - Home & Realty Magazine


My love of photography, travel and running….. I can trace them all back to my teenage years. I think they have all enriched my life tremendously.

I have loved photography since I was a child. My dad bought me my first film camera, a Pentax K1000, when I was 13 years old. All through highschool I took photography courses and fell in love with photojournalism and working in the darkroom. I continued working through college with photography. Now the film camera has given way to the digital camera and the darkroom has been replaced with the computer, but the love is still strong. As a professional photographer, I love capturing special moments for people at weddings and events. I love capturing the innocence and playfulness of children. I also enjoy the challenge of photographing animals.

I opened my studio in Garden Grove in 2006 and shoot mostly business headshots in studio. Otherwise I am on location shooting at businesses, homes, at the park or the beach. I have a special place in my heart for non-profit groups so I often photograph events at no cost for local non-profits. I have done work locally for Make a Wish, Shanti OC, Assistance League Huntington Beach, Project Self Sufficiency, Paws for a Cause, Waggin Trails Rescue Foundation, and ARF in Idyllwild. I have won awards and shown my work at the Orange County Fair, the HB Central Library, and galleries in Idyllwild.

Another passion of mine is travel which I have loved since I was a teenager. I loved to study the travel brochures my dad brought home that highlighted tours in Europe. When I completed highschool I was able to spend a year studying in Greece and Switzerland, an amazing experience. I always had my trusty Pentax K1000 camera with me on all my travel adventures. My husband and I are lucky enough now to be able to combine our love of travel with our love of running.
We both ran cross country and track in highschool so it was fun to come back to serious running after a long hiatus. We both got the itch to start running again after spending years at the gym working out. It felt great to get outside and run. We signed up with Snails Pace running in Fountain Valley when we heard they offered a running program. We have met the nicest, fun people through that program and we still keep in touch with many of them 9 years later.

The first program was three months and got us ready for a 5k race. I remember we were so nervous about that first 5k race! Soon after we were training for a half marathon and then another year later we were training for a full marathon. We ran our first marathon in Chicago. About a year after that my husband heard about a race in Antartica and signed us up. That started our quest to run all seven continents. Now that we just completed our seventh continent (South America) everyone is asking us what is next?

I am planning to go back to South America in September, 2014 and run a 63K race (39.3 miles) in Patagonia, Chile. In between trips that involve running we squeeze in trips for scuba diving or discovering new places. We have met the most amazing people on our trips and often meet up with them on other trips. It makes traveling more fun when you are with people that share common interests.

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Meet Sloan Gallipeo, Photographer

It is our intent to bring our readers the travel and running adventures of Sloan Gallipeo (owner of Summer Photography in Huntington Beach, Ca) in conjunction with her professional photography experiences.

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