Ariston Olive Oil a Family Business

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Ariston Specialties, The Doukas Family

Ariston Specialties is tucked away in the Kalamata region of Greece lies an 8,800 acre olive plantation and olive oil processing facility owned and operated by the Doukas family for the past 200 years. As the story goes the Doukas family harvested their olives and this was their family’s main source of income. I learned speaking with Tom Doukas son and current business owner, that it was the low acidity factor in their family’s soil which always lead to the Doukas family producing the regions finest olive oils.

Tom indicated a few thing which everyone should know when purchasing olive oil. He said first look for the color of the oil in the bottle, don’t be fooled by companies selling their olive oils in green tinted bottles giving their oil a rich olive color like it should look. Tom said the lighter the color of green, closer to a yellowish green is the indicator that, the olive oil has a higher concentration of acid. Acid gives a strong punchy taste and isn’t easy to swallow compared to a smoother texture of an olive oil grown in a lower acid soil such as on the Doukas plantation.

As time passed Tom Doukas imported his high quality buttery textured olive oils into Connecticut where Ariston had their central distribution center. In the distribution center all the various bottles are filled, labels are placed on the bottles and the famous Ariston olive oils are shipped all over the world.

I have had the privilege of working with Tom Doukas on his advertising development and have seen the world wide growth of Ariston Specialties over the past eighteen years in the United States from his superior fancy foods. Tom is also the pioneer of the famous “Refill Program” which has been copied and is seen in many olive oil boutique stores and high end epicurean markets. Tom Doukas created the program so the consumer can purchase Ariston Olive Oils and his imported award winning flavored balsamic also! The next step is the consumer brings the bottle back for a refill and receives a two dollar discount on their purchase. For more information about this world acclaimed award winning olive oil producer go to:

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Ariston 1st Place Olive Oil


Business - Home & Realty Magazine
Ariston Olives low in acid for a buttery smooth taste


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Ariston Specialties Owner/Producer, Tom Doukas at a Show in London England


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Ariston Takes 1st Place In Japan


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Grasons Co. National Franchise Leader

National - Home & Realty MagazineSimone Kelly of Huntington Beach California, is the owner of Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services, national presence. Simone, a self made entrepreneur has been in and around the Real Estate Industry ever since she was 17 years old. Simone began as a receptionist for a major home builder and eventually worked her plan to owning her very own lending company and purchasing a RE/MAX Franchise while adding incredible affiliated services.


After just four years, Simone grew the Grasons brand into a household professional brand name,  and in September of 2014 Simone acquired her State approval to Franchise Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services. Within one year and twelve franchises later Grasons Co. became the #1 Estate Sale Company in the Nation, based on customer views, Realtors/Brokers and Real Estate Industry Professionals.


Simone is and has always been a pioneer in any business she has set her mind to. Her aggressive style of building businesses has been extremely successful and she continues to surround herself by other professionals that shine in their business.

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Always happy people arriving early, excited to see what’s inside!

Estate Sales has become one of the fastest growing industries in our nation. Grasons has risen to become one of the most sought after franchises by solidifying a company platform with proven systems, one of a kind onsite and offsite training, advanced technology, with continued unmatched support by the corporate office to her Franchisee.

National - Home & Realty Magazine
Grasons Training Room

Simone’s intimate knowledge of how a Real Estate transaction transpires makes the home selling, a much easier transition for the sellers, buyers and Realtors involved in the transactions and selling of all the personal items within the homes including automobiles, boats, fine jewelry and more before the close of escrow. Homes are left in broom swept condition and ready for their new owners while the seller is able to secure funds from the items they have acquired over the many years.

National - Home & Realty Magazine

The services that all Grasons Franchises provide are professional, with over 150 years of experience backing every franchise, insured & bonded and over 500+ sales performed it is easy to see why they have become so popular and the first choice for estate sale services.

Auberge Beach Florida Realty

Florida realty - Home & Realty MagazineMaria Scarola is a Developer Sales Expert representing Related Realty in Florida. She has sold some of the highest sales recorded properties in the luxury high rise condo developments in South Florida realty. Maria is one of this area’s  most sought after sales professionals. She is the catalyst agent, making your dreams come together, thoroughly understanding your life style requirements and the residential expectations of Related Realty’s ever booming paradise AUBERGE BEACH.

Home & Realty Magazine showcases Maria in every issue. We also cover all of Related Group’s new developments and we highly refer the personalized sales concierge of Florida’s fabulous high rise, lifestyle expert!

How did the Auberge get started you ask? Well let’s watch Maria’s video and see!


Maria Scarola: 561-358-0832




Welcome Real Estate Agent, Aboard Alexis Devries!

Real Estate Agent - Home & Realty MagazineHome & Realty Magazine announces our advertising sponsor agreement with real estate agent Alexis Devries! We are delighted to be working with Alexis Devries Real Estate & Associates. We will be combining high definition 4K videos embedded in the beautiful real estate pages of our global multimedia lifestyle magazine.

Alexis will be showcasing her company’s properties in our magazine with prominent power brokers such as, the internationally known luxury agent Christophe Choo, of Beverly Hills, Rosie Hernandez of Miami Beach, Maria Scarola, Hollywood Fl who both rule the hot spots of Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and South Beach, Florida and all of our top producing agent sponsor/partners in our global Home & Realty Magazine family.

It is refreshing to once again add another pillar of professional integrity for our home buying community, by offering the competent real estate services of Alexis Devries.

Home & Realty Magazine and all of your friends, Welcome aboard Alexis Dvries!



Phone: 714-323-3474

License: BRE#01954779

Lauren Scott Coastal Property Expert


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Lauren Scott Coastal Property Expert

I met Lauren Scott several years ago at her office while introducing her to Home & Realty Magazine. In all of my initial sales meetings, I always attempt to gather any specific information which “differentiates an agent” from all of the others, whenever this is possible. Well, what impressed me about Lauren was that, she was soft spoken, yet most confident in her work, articulate, and dressed for success. She fashioned the look of an agent who sells multi million dollar coastal properties. Lauren made me feel most comfortable in our greet and meet.

Lauren then went on to identify, she had developed a tremendous following of prospects desiring to purchase their dream homes either in the harbors or along the coastline. So it was upon learning this information about Lauren’s differentiation that, I encouraged Lauren to work with our team.

Lauren has since been, on the front cover feature of Home & Realty Magazine twice and has been associated with our team on a regular basis. When it comes to coastal advice on articles for our magazine, we can always turn to this coastal expert and get the accurate answers required for all of our readers. I can also assure you, all agents cannot offer what Lauren Scott brings to your table regarding coastal intelligence, on the purchase of your dream home!

We hope you will consider Lauren on your next coastal investment!


Contact: Lauren Scott  Cell:(714-658-5590)



The 7 Day Movement Mortgage by Quy Huynh

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Quy Huynh NMLS # 479649

Home & Realty Magazine is very proud to introduce our good friend Quy Huynh to home buyers, seeking home mortgages. Quy Huynh is one of the top producing mortgage lending executives in Southern California. Recently appointed to Movement Mortgage with his office conveniently located in Huntington Beach, Quy now becomes your lending consideration for your next home mortgage loan.

Movement Mortgage boasts an excess of 65% of loans are cleared to close in 7 business days or less! Now with Quy at the helm of this most dynamic organization mortgage seekers are in the best hands with this record breaking sales achiever Mr. Quy Huynh.

Let Quy assist you and your loved ones by trusting his lending expertise and get your loan expedited in 7 days or less!

Cell: 714.856.9378
EFax: 714.955.4239
9140 Irvine Center Drive #100
Irvine, CA 92618

Movement Mortgage Featured On CNBC:

Mimi Wang – Real Estate Agent Spotlight

Mimi WangHome & Realty Magazine is proud to present the Bay area’s Mimi Wang of Century 21 Real Estate.

Mimi’s knowledge of speaking four languages was the “Hot Button” which made us interested about asking Mimi to join us to advertise in our magazine. Home and Realty Magazine specializes in offering potential home buyers and sellers only the finest real estate agents. We truly felt Mimi had some great values with her language expertise which would benefit so many homeowners. Mimi agreed being showcased in Home Realty Magazine with the finest real estate agents in our country was a positive move. So once again Bay area residents, we are very proud to bring you, your very own Mimi Wang to service as your real estate  requirements.

Mimi Wang, a long time resident of the Silicon Valley, Mimi Wang brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients. Her background in Business Finance, Real Estate, and Southeast Asian Studies gained from attending San Jose State University and Mission College; gives her a solid grounding in meeting the unique needs of her clients in this diverse and fast-changing market. In addition, her cultural background and language skills further enable her to cross many boundaries in the highly diversified Bay Area Communities, and expand her reach to those who may benefit from the many qualities she represents.

Conversant in four languages, Mimi excels in communication and people skills, and is an aggressive negotiator and skilled strategist, all important qualities in making to sure her clients get the best deal possible on their property.

A single mother, Mimi is proud of her three children. They are all active and serve in the local communities as band members for the Portuguese S.E.S. Hall in Santa Clara, and coaching assistant for the Silva Black Belt Competition Team at Silva Tae Kwon Do Studio. Her oldest son, Jason, currently is serving in the US Army overseas as a Military Police Investigator.

In my experience as a Bay Areas real estate professional, I have found that providing the very best service is essentially about putting my clients first. This means being accessible to clients at all times, being a good listener as well as a good communicator, and responding quickly to the needs of my clients.

So when you decide that you’d like to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area, please call Mimi. You won’t be disappointed. Contact Mimi Wang Today!

Alice Wallace is Country Folk & Blues

by Bruce Bryant

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Alice Wallace Songwriter/Singer

I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented Alice Wallace two years ago at a private house party hosted by some close friends of mine. It was back then, being entertained by this amazing country song writer/singer, and outstanding guitarist I felt confident that we would all be seeing California’s Alice Wallace and her fabulous band on the big stages of country music and very soon!

Last evening I attended another house party in Huntington Beach CA, hosted by my  friends who introduced Alice Wallace to me at their previous party. This time Alice had a lead guitarist, drummer, and a bass player along with some awesome backup singers! The show was amazing! Alice brought so much fun and happiness to the party as she belted out her own written songs and for fun, added some Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, and even some Hank Williams into her show. On band credits Alice Wallace has the amazing Tom Bremer on lead guitar, the skilled “sticks” of Josh Tate Huppert on the drums, and strumming the big bass is Robert Bowman. Just a magical musical mix, of the best Country Folk and Blues available!


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Alice Wallace Country Folk & Blues

At one of the breaks, I promised Alice we would make a “Spotlight Post” on Home & Realty Magazine’s web page, and also place it on our Facebook page for everyone to learn about her outstanding music. With the New Album Alice is launching I felt she could use our magazine’s exposure to help pick up a few new fans!


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Alice Wallace Ventures Out on her own…

Alice Wallace through Pledge MUSIC is looking for everyone’s support to launch her New Album!  If you appreciate Alice’s music and you would like to be contributing to this young accomplished song/writer who has so far depended on herself and NOW is looking for your help in launching her New Album! Go to:

We wish Alice Wallace the very best in her new album launch!


We Get It – Luxury Real Estate

In just two brief minutes, Michael Reiken founder of Aristokat Media outlines Aristokat’s Power of Luxury Real Estate Videos, producing for the best agents in real estate. Michael next explains, how we can increase your agency’s traffic working in harmony with Aristokat Media’s high definition video productions and Home & Realty Magazine’s global reach!

Luxury Real Estate - Home & Realty Magazine
Michael Reiken Aristokat Media

We Get It…and we hope, you do too!”

Thank you,

Michael Reiken



Modern Judaica Art of Uriel Cazes

by Bruce Bryant

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Ambassador of love, 2015, print on paper, handsigned, limited edition 15 pieces

Every once in a while we discover pure talent from around the world! Home & Realty Magazine is very proud to present Europe’s renowned Uriel Cazes from Germany with professional art studios located in Ibiza Spain. We welcome Uriel Cazes and his art paintings to America and, wish him the very best with the sales of his beautiful originals and prints. Look for Uriel’s new column in every monthly issue of Home & Realty Magazine and tell Uriel what paintings are of interest to you. Decorate your home with a Uriel Cazes original!

Uriel Cazes is a painter with excellent use of colors. He is painting oil on canvas and also doing paintings on paper, drawings and most recently digital studies. Since almost 30 years his main work is paintings about Jewish life, so he is one of the few artists painting about Judaism living abroad. Israeli art magazine described him recently as a painter of modern Judaica. Uriel Cazes is painting figurative but not naturalistic. He is concentrating on people with mostly Jewish backgrounds, telling stories from ancient times and from the bible. His figures seem to be in distance to the others but also in communication, harmony and caring. The style is expressionistic, he uses different techniques of composing colors and spaces on the canvas. He is giving most figures black contours, which provides a stronger placement to the figures. Also he is using Hebrew letters as orientation and explanation, which makes some of these paintings like official ancient documents.The main cycle, “Jewish life” was painted from 1989 until nowadays, showing scenes of the life of Jews through religious festivals and biblical stories. In 2011 he produced the cycle “10 commandments” and in 2014 the cycle “documents – the 12 tribes” about the Jewish tribes of old Israel.
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Uriel Cazes Modern Judaica Artist
In the 90s he painted his “bridges” as mostly colorful big cocoons. This was his way to face the upcoming intercultural problems in the world. Besides that Uriel Cazes claims, not to be a religious or political artist. But his paintings show harmony and peace and, though its Jewish content, also many Christian and Muslim people recognize parts of their own history in Uriel’s works.

Since 2014, Uriel Cazes is also working on digital techniques to create designs for Vitrages. It is one of his most important goals, to do Vitrages with his design in large buildings like Synagogs, churches, Mosques or other big buildings.

Art - Home & Realty Magazine
Esav and Jacob, 2009,

Enjoy the modern Judaica art of Uriel Cazes.