Angela Kaufman of OC

Home & Realty Magazine is proud to introduce Angela Kaufman, the real estate game changer of OC, California, to all of our affluent home buyers.

Angela is one of our online magazine’s most referred agents by our affluent Home & Realty Magazine readers! A no nonsense Orange County professional agent who masters her craft and proudly represents the Global Luxury, Coldwell Banker brand.

Angela’s continuous education supported by the world’s most notable real estate brand Coldwell Banker, a leader since 1906, offers her clients the rest and assurance their home transaction will be managed with complete satisfaction.

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Angela’s differentiation has several layers of benefits for her clients. Angela’s vast knowledge of the OC territory in conjunction with her knowledge of school systems, community amenities, transportation systems, architectural design, building, and interior decor attributes make her one of most diversified agents in her territory. In addition, Angela keeps ahead of the curve in technology. She utilizes her computer to keep a pulse on market trends, new homes on the market, interest rates, inventory control, and lead generation for her next new listings! Angela employs the advertising arm of Home & Realty Magazine to market her clients properties to an affluent global audience.

Contact Angela on your next luxury investment or the sale of your property.

Angela Kaufman
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Realtor, Coldwell Banker
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Real Estate Agent Lori Thompson Appreciates Coldwell Banker

Lori Thompson Real Estate Agent - Home & Realty Magazine
Lori Thompson, Real Estate Agent

As 2016 reaches it’s sunset, I feel a growing sentiment and compelling urge to reflect upon the passed year. Looking back, there’s a multitude of things to be thankful for… family, friends, health.

A significant blessing is what I chose to do for a living: working in real estate representing Coldwell Banker. My company is an asset to me as I am working hard to be invaluable to it. The real estate industry is infamous for it’s cycles that can be, such as life, steady yet unpredictable. In both situations I have found Coldwell Banker to be supportive and resourceful. There’s a sense of peace knowing that my company has my back, especially in those times I need something to lean on. They are my confidants and cheerleaders and I am proud to pay it forward to my real estate team but above all, to my clients.

2017 means yet another year of growth for my business as I have done years past. Our industry leads the economy and we are only moving upward and forward. This holiday season I raise my glass to my family, friends and colleagues; I inspire you to attain more victories, love more fiercely and relish every minute of your waking moments. I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Happy Holidays,

Lori Thompson
Your Coldwell Banker, Real Estate Agent