Doppio Zero Pizzeria Huntington Beach

by Stacey Kuhne- Mercer, Elena Zimina, and Lori Thompson

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Doppio Zero Pizzeria

Doppio Zero Pizzeria Huntington Beach Restaurant Review
Welcome back to Huntington Beaches’ “Huntington For Fun”! This month Stacey, Elena and I are featuring a new kid in town…. “Doppio Zero Pizzeria”. Doppio Zero brings a bit of Italy to Huntington Beach, with its humble location off of Main Street, 100% organic ingredients and its extended menu, guests can enjoy a slice of pizza while sitting outside and watching the free entertainment go by.

Restaurant owners Carlotta and Francesco Zaza are so excited to open and offer this exclusive and special pizzeria to our city! They were both raised in Italy and had worked in restaurants there for about 5 years. They had a discussion of bringing their authentic Italian here to HB and opening a pizzeria. The decision was made to take and amazing risk…. They sold their home there and moved to, yes, you guessed it, Surf City Huntington Beach, CA. They had fallen in love with Huntington Beach themselves while traveling the world to surf. They would come to Huntington on vacations as part of their “surf tour”. Eventually, they made the decision to work and plan here. They found the perfect location with the right amount of square footage they needed… it just took a little negotiating and they were up and running! If anyone remembers where Coaches Deli used to be, this is where you will find this very different and healthy pizza.

Now, lets talk about the food… amazing! First of all, this is not just Italian pizza but Roman Italian pizza. This means its very thin!!… and is square!! Doppio Zero only uses the best and freshest ingredients on their pizzas.100% organic, 100% homemade, 72 hour rising dough and everything is slow baked, making it extra flavorful!

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine
An amazing selection

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty MagazineI, Lori Thompson, enjoyed the Rustica: Crispy bacon, potato, mozzarella cheese and rosemary. It was delicious and very kid friendly. Stacey had the Parmigianino with eggplant, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. Elena was the brave one and ordered the special of the day “From Hell”, which now is a daily pizza. It consists of jalapenos, olives, and loaded with sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It is very spicy and delicious! They have so many different pizzas, including truffle and porcini, broccoli and a beautiful marguerite pizza. All pizzas are served on a wooden cutting board which adds to the fun beachy atmosphere. The tomato sauce is 100% tomato sauce and the meats are all hormone free. Carlotta arrives every morning while we are still sleeping to make the fresh dough and prepare the fresh pastries. Oh, the pastries!! They are amazing!! She makes fresh croissants, cannoli, tiramisu….. All baked fresh on-site and 100% organic! They also serve handmade pasta, homemade soups, sandwiches, delicious calzones and fresh as can be salads.
Not only can you enjoy lunch and dinner here, you can also enjoy breakfast as they are open during the week from 10:00am to 10:00pm and Friday/Saturday 10:0am0 to 3:00am… If you are ever out late and no one is open and you just feel like enjoying a fresh pastry and cup of coffee this is the place… literally the only place open until 3:00am downtown…nice to know….

Coming soon to Doppio Zero is a full outdoor patio with awnings and outdoor heaters. Here in Huntington Beach we like to sit outdoor and people watch while we enjoy a fresh meal and a refreshing drink. Speaking of drinks, they will also be serving beer and wine soon! These new additions should take place before Summer 2015… I can’t wait!

We highly recommend this pizzeria. We had a lot of fun, the energy is very positive and the food is fantastic!! The service is very family-like and hospitable… Welcome Doppio Zero to Downtown Huntington Beach! We had a great experience and look forward to many more!!!