Drone Photography For Luxury Real Estate

Drone photography in luxury real estate has recently been claimed to be the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet.  With the ability to highlight waterfront views, cascading gardens, architectural landscaping and unique swimming pools, drone photography has “upped the anti” in capturing the beauty of luxury listings.

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Here are a few tips from Southern California expert drone photographer, Chad Robinson, on how to hire the right professional for your next aerial shoot and what to expect along the way.

* First and foremost, make sure you hire someone who is both registered with the FAA, as well as insured up to 1 million dollars.  Anything less is a risk that is not worth taking.  Chad wears his registration on a lanyard at all times while on sites. “It’s visible to anyone wondering and allows me to do my job.”

* Make sure you are confident and comfortable with your drone expert acting as an extension of your real estate team in your absence.  “Many times I’m present on a shoot without the agent or their assistant.  It’s just myself and the seller.  I’m always sure to conduct myself in a manner that reflects the same professionalism and level of service they’ve come to expect from my client.”

* Save on cost by negotiating a flat rate.  If you go with hourly, expect rates to start at $95.00 and depending on property size, expect forty minutes to an hour as a typical shoot time.

* Be sure you hire someone who is working with 4K resolution or higher.  “As of three months ago, anything else is not up to industry standard.  I also work with a 4K GoPro, which is a hand-held, stabilized, free-floating video that allows for aerial interior shots as well.  Make sure your photographer expects to use a diversity of media, such as the drone, a virtual tour and still shots.  I package all of this for my clients, brand it with their logo and encourage them to flush it out to their social media channels right away.”

The future of photography in luxury real estate, both commercial and residential, is certain to include the enhanced advantage of drone work. Keep up with Home & Realty Magazine as we watch this technology climb to new heights.

Chad Robinson is the owner of Clickit Digital Media.
He works in Los Angeles, California

PHOTO CREDIT: Chad Robinson of Clickit Digital Media