Happy Pessach

Uriel Cazes, Artist - Home & Realty Magazine
Uriel Portrait 1991

Hag Sameach, Happy Pessach!

These days we celebrate Pessach, one of the most important events in Jewish belief. It started last week Friday evening with a big Dinner, celebrating the end of slavery from the Egyptians, leaving the Egyptian country towards Israel and the long march through the desert.

The first evening, “Seder” is a big event with a Dinner, that starts with reading the Haggadah, the story about slavery in Egypt and leaving to the promised land. This is symbolized by different little plates of food, the Seder plate. We eat bitter herbs – symbolizes the bitter times of slavery, Seroa, a bit of lamb meat on a bone, for the sacrifice and marking the Jewish houses with the lambs blood to show the angels of god, which houses have to be exempted from killing the first born child and animal, charosset – a mixture from apple nuts, wine and cinnamon, worked together to symbolize the clay, the Jews had to produce in Egypt, Karpas – celery or radish for the grueling work in Egypt, and beitzah, a cooked egg to show fragility of human fates and the sadness about the destroyed temple in Jerusalem.

All paintings by Artist, Uriel Cazes, designed for art windows

Uriel Cazes, Artist - Home & Realty Magazine
Uriel Cazes of Ibiza, Spain

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