Amazing Home Decor

Searching for new home decor is one of the most exciting parts about decorating a new home. From the colors, the art work, the style and even era it comes from, it will always be so many choices to make. Not everyone’s opinion is right, nor is it wrong, the best thing to go with are things that catch your eye. When looking through home decor always keep an open mind, you never know what you might like. Pieces of furniture or art work often tend to grown on people and you end up finding something you never imagined you would buy.

Color is key to any room in a home. It sets the mood you are trying create and gives life to everything in it. Dynamic Pairings are making a tread this year. ” For 2015, pair the classics with unexpected accents to make the scheme dynamic and vibrant– I love black, grey and white with splashes of red, and brown, blue, and green with orange citrus tones” Interior Designer Malcolm James Kunter in a recent interview with House Beautiful. One color that is making a strong push this year is Greek blue. It’s rich color that is normally found in the Mediterranean and used in church morals can be paired with grey, red, and pinks. This amazing blue gives the feeling of spring and summer all year long. Living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms can all be featured and accented with this color.
When it comes to hosting dinner parties and having guess over, having the perfect kitchen and dinning room sets are what most people want. Your kitchen and dining room sets will see their fair share of use. So the best option is to go with something durable and long lasting. It’s vital that you invest in durable dining sets and kitchen furniture, including bar stools, pantry cabinets, kitchen islands, sideboards and bar carts that will hold up to the chaos. Wider and more open spaces for company is key. Matte black marble finished counters give the kitchen a larger and more open look. Having lots of counter space is key when having dinner parties or even just company of your own.

In the bedroom there are many important features that create the setting you want in the most used room in your home. From the bed, headboards, dressers, and armories; to the night stands, pillows, laps and artwork there are many directions you can go. It may be debatable, but the bed and headboard can be one of the more important pieces to the bedroom. The bed reflects you and your sense of style. If you like a timeless look a canopy bed is a great pick, or try an ornate wood headboard with a standard frame. If you’re on the new and modern, opt for an upholstered headboard with nailhead accents, patterned fabric, unique shape or tufted design. A modern platform unit is great too, especially since you won’t need to buy a foundation or box spring. And when it comes to a guest bedroom, make sure you have room for a couple.

Depending on your home layout, the living room can be used many ways. Most traditionally, rugs, artwork, curtains and bookshelves are the staple points to the room. If you have a fireplace use it as a focal point, an amazing sophisticated mantel can be just that. Don’t be afraid of bright color but also don’t get too ambitious. Given that it is the living room, one bright color accented by a white or grey can make your living room simple but yet sophisticated. Mirrors, lamps and ceiling lights can help light travel and flow through the space.

This year there are many ways to go about your home decor. But the right way is the what you like. Do something unique and keep your eye open, you might try something you never have before