House Flipping by Tammie

House Flipping by Tammie

Meet Tammie Williams-Hoffman formerly of Los Angeles!

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I met this amazing lady one day on my Facebook page while she clicked the “Like” button on one of my business posts.  As I started to learn more about Tammie, I  grew more interested in her story of House Flipping.

Tammie grew up in Los Angeles and was your typical California girl.  She loves to pamper herself with her manicures and pedicures, in addition to having her shopping sprees in some of the finest stores in town.  And of course, she always makes certain that her hair coloring appointments are on schedule! However, this polished woman has an another amazing side to her.  When she’s not getting pampered in a spa, she can be seen inside one of her investment properties hammering, painting and getting it ready to flip.

Tammie began her career in Los Angeles with a background in residential loans and later became the owner of her own loan company for 14 years.  As time passed, she later decided to move to Seattle to the upper Pacific North West where she would start her own house flipping business.

Tammie’s  in home flipping from financial ground zero all the way to the finished product – a beautiful turn-key home.  After discussing her work, we at Home & Realty thought it would be a fantastic idea to offer Tammie her own house flipping column and step-by-step videos that offer our readers information on how they can make new changes in their home.  The before & afters are sure to inspire!  Tammie’s “If I can do it” attitude was what attracted me to her in creating this column. We just love this business woman gone house flipper!