Italian Kitchens

The kitchen is the family’s gathering place for most homes. A place to eat, laugh, and share memories. Italian kitchens at home are the staple for this and are even more know for the beauty and simplicity in decor. Known for their strong colors and wide spacing, a more natural look is always preferred in the design and appearance in an Italian kitchens.

Matte countertops in stone or granite are common in an Italian kitchen. It gives the home a simple look but also makes the counter space look more open. Floors are done with terracotta tile to give the look of walking the beautiful streets of Italy right in the kitchen. Backsplashes in mosaic designs give the kitchen that final Italian touch. Due to the kitchen being naturally plain and simple, a mosaic design will stand out and it’s beauty will give the kitchen life.

The reason for such design in Italian kitchens are because they are made for families to be in for long periods of time. The open spaces and wide countertops are welcoming for big groups, so a common theme for them is ” relaxed elegance” or “lived in luxury”.

Appliances and accessories have a wide range of options for this style of kitchen. Stainless steal is always a go to option when dealing with appliance because it adaptions well with colors you may like, and is very versatile in styling. Hanging rack for pots, pans, and accessories is a vintage look that can be used as well. Italian kitchens can feature modern style accessories to even vintage style, in most cases a of mix both, but never do they move away from the earthy color themes. Mediterranean design appeals to more home owners because of its bright colors along with a welcoming and relaxing style.

So whether it’s Tuscan, Mediterranean or even a mix of both styles, today’s Italian kitchen is always a simple but yet stylish choice to make. The earthy and bright mix of colors will relax the kitchen environment and open up the spacing for more company.