Lauren Scott Coastal Property Expert


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Lauren Scott Coastal Property Expert

I met Lauren Scott several years ago at her office while introducing her to Home & Realty Magazine. In all of my initial sales meetings, I always attempt to gather any specific information which “differentiates an agent” from all of the others, whenever this is possible. Well, what impressed me about Lauren was that, she was soft spoken, yet most confident in her work, articulate, and dressed for success. She fashioned the look of an agent who sells multi million dollar coastal properties. Lauren made me feel most comfortable in our greet and meet.

Lauren then went on to identify, she had developed a tremendous following of prospects desiring to purchase their dream homes either in the harbors or along the coastline. So it was upon learning this information about Lauren’s differentiation that, I encouraged Lauren to work with our team.

Lauren has since been, on the front cover feature of Home & Realty Magazine twice and has been associated with our team on a regular basis. When it comes to coastal advice on articles for our magazine, we can always turn to this coastal expert and get the accurate answers required for all of our readers. I can also assure you, all agents cannot offer what Lauren Scott brings to your table regarding coastal intelligence, on the purchase of your dream home!

We hope you will consider Lauren on your next coastal investment!


Contact: Lauren ScottĀ  Cell:(714-658-5590)