Linda Ginex – Balance of Success Lifestyle

Linda Ginex – The Balance of Success Lifestyle

by Staff Writer, Sandie Yim

Success Lifestyle - Home & Realty Magazine
Linda Ginex, Coldwell Banker Previews International

“Happiness at work is not about eliminating all the bad stuff from your job. It’s about being happy at work even though some of these bad things are present. It’s about building your skills and your energy to fix the problems, and to create more and more positive experiences at work.”
― Alexander Kjerulf, Happy Hour is 9 to 5

When doing research for this article, this quote jumped out at me. Through my interviews and as I was writing, the credence of balance emerged beautifully as the story of Linda Ginex unfolded.

Linda Ginex, a Realtor of Coldwell Banker Preview International, headquartered in Orange County, CA, entered the business in 2006 just as the housing bubble was about to burst.  Prior to that essentially all of the real estate components were making more money than thought possible as prices for homes were proverbially shooting through the roof. Fast forward 10 years later, Ginex is still in the game and thriving. Where newbies once enticed by gargantuan commissions had to watch the market and their financial security crumble left real estate discouraged. Ginex stayed, however, secure in the housing cycle, in the fact that the market would rebuild and committed herself to the process.

The next two years steered Ginex into working with asset companies focusing on Real Estate Owned (REO) properties and Broker Price Opinion (BPO) modifications. “I was really fortunate”, recalls Ginex about the beginning of her career. “I got help from a mentor and learned in six months what could normally take years.” When asked about ever having doubts her answer was simple, “I liked the challenge. I’ve always known how to take the highs’ and low’s.” As history has shown the market recovered over time. Linda Ginex through sheer will had made a name for herself during one of the roughest housing market lows in decades.

Success Lifestyle - Home & Realty Magazine
Coldwell Banker Previews International

Nearly every morning, Ginex wakes at 7:00 a.m. and jots downs acknowledgments in her gratitude journal setting the tone for her day. Checking her phone, coffee, getting ready and the remainder of her day is client focused, ending it by balancing off with some physical exercise followed by dinner.

As evident from above it is easy to surmise Ginex’s intelligence, commitment and work ethic. Add her warm smile and ability to establish an immediate connection as hallmarks to her reputation and it’s no wonder she has a 5-star rating with reviews that read, “Linda is one of the best (if not the best agent) in Orange County.” Although, “…there are thousands of real estate agents to consider, there is a limited supply of realtors who are established and disciplined like Linda.”

A clear distinction from her peers and another winning Ginex characteristic is principle. “I’m straight up with my clients,” she says bluntly. “I wouldn’t let them buy something I myself wouldn’t invest in. I’m not the type of agent that would be worried about pointing out [issues]… if my client’s needs are not being met.”

From her start, Ginex always thought of technology as an ever expanding tool base for many industries, real estate included. She does recognize there are old school clients and caters to their needs with as much enthusiasm and care as she would an iWatch wearing, über traveling investor. Data mining, online presence, marketing, communication are technical aspects shaping how buying and selling homes are in these times. It is the present and facilitates the future.

Success Lifestyle - Home & Realty Magazine
Home & Realty Magazine

Perpetually on the look out for new ways to market with the latest technological methods, she chanced a very important meeting in 2009 with Home & Realty Magazine’s publisher Bruce Bryant when the magazine was in it’s infancy. To find out more about that fateful meet I sat down with the two of them over good hot coffee and asked, “how did you first meet?”  For a couple beats they looked at one another waiting for the other to remember the details. It was obvious (and comical) an abundance of shared memories existed between them making it difficult to pinpoint exactly when and how they met — a ringing endorsement of a true, long lasting friendship. Piecing the story together, they met while Bryant was prospecting. They sat down for a short meeting about Home & Realty Magazine and from there Ginex was on board. “The concept was not cookie cutter and that was exciting to me. Getting involved with the magazine was a no brainer in part due to Bruce’s prior accolades and it being something to add to my repertoire.” Ginex said.

Bryant immediately identified Ginex’s star potential and asked her to go on calls to pitch to other agents. “That is what is so unique about Linda, she cared about everybody,” Bryant said with some astonishment. “She wasn’t worried about being in a magazine with her competitors.”

“No, there’s enough business for all the top agents,” she tied in.

H&R Magazine began to expand and encapsulated patronage nationally and internationally. The growth for Ginex offered her more of what excited her: a challenge within her career to build and support an online luxury, lifestyle marketing vehicle to share with peers and allow them to also grow their businesses.  “It’s a great tool for my listings and to promote the lifestyle of OC (Orange County).” “Home & Realty magazine’s global reach is an advertiser’s strongest asset, in addition to the quality display of luxury real estate showcased.”

Ginex owes her unique perspective to a successful business to her personal beginning, her parents. “I’m blessed to [have been] brought up with so much love and support it’s natural to want to have those around you feel happy and comfortable.” Her mother Diane is an especially inspirational role model who earned her degree at night while caring for her Aerospace engineer husband and four children.  That sacrifice and dedication shaped Ginex’s outlook on life who more often than not looked to her mom for guidance.

Facing challenges and being out of her comfort zone are reoccurring themes in Ginex’s life. Aviophobia (a fear of flying) plagued her for decades. Then came the decision to beat it. “I found out everything I could about the process till it all made sense to me. Knowledge really is power.” With that knowledge and power, she flew by herself to Costa Rica leaving her fears in the wind. A bold move to tackle what can be a horrifying experience. But Ginex is no stranger to wanderlust. Her bucket list is packed full with global adventure which include touring castles in New Zealand on horseback or vacationing in a tree house with panoramic views. She hopes to white water raft along a U.S. river and build a house in a third world country. A notion that evolved from her work with local Habitat Humanity projects. “I think doing it overseas would be more challenging.” Another organization she volunteers for is the regional Special Olympics. “I draw inspiration from those kids who give their all, doing things I couldn’t do. It gives me perspective, provides balance.”

Globe trotting isn’t her only pastime. “I love getting together with friends and family, dining out. I love a good beer and an excellent scotch.”  All in all, Ginex has achieved balance in work, adventure, family, friends. She is pushing her boundaries but never forgets her home. Her efforts to maintain that balance result in a true happiness many might not ever experience. Clients of Ginex have noted her expertise, genuineness and positivity. Her life dictates her work and her clients reap the benefits of her joy.

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