Roller Derby Kids

Long Beach Junior Roller Derby

This story really started more than half a year ago at Mr. Yetis Pet Supplies, a local pet food store on Lakewood Blvd and Stearns. I was asked by the owner to dress up as that year’s Santa (sshhh Santa is real), and surround myself with all kinds of wonderful pets and have photos taken. Tons of fun!

Long Beach - Home & Realty MagazineOf course, Santa needed Elves, and that is where Ms. Mimi Masher came in with her troop of Jr Roller Derby of Long Beach Girls. All dressed up as Santa’s helpers, rolling around the store and inviting people in while showing off their Skating skills. Ever since that day Mimi and I have stayed in contact. Mimi probably because I am pretty silly at times, me… Well, what can I say? Mimi is one of those unsung heroes of Long Beach. She is the coach of the Jr Roller Derby of Long Beach. She trains kids of all ages and abilities how to roller skate, has fun, be outside, feel the wind in their hair, be social, help others, and above all, to have fun.

Every Monday night from 5.30-7.30 pm Mimi rallies her troop to go out to the rink and have fun. Many times there is a theme and this time around it was superheroes. One of my favorite themes. I grew up being Batman’s side-kick. Tonight though Batman didn’t show up and I was my own superhero. I had my socks, a gift from clients, and brought a cape that was whisked off by one of the kids. Everyone looked great. Capes were flapping in the wind and temps were great. Halfway the evening the music stops and the Hokey Pokey is done. Everyone participates and fun is had by all.


Long Beach - Home & Realty Magazine

Mimi does this all on a volunteer basis and you know what, that is awesome in my book!

If you are interested in joining, visit or find them on FaceBook for more info, heck, just show up and ask for Mimi!

Go outside, enjoy our City, and roll a little!!