Real Estate Agent Lori Thompson Appreciates Coldwell Banker

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Lori Thompson, Real Estate Agent

As 2016 reaches it’s sunset, I feel a growing sentiment and compelling urge to reflect upon the passed year. Looking back, there’s a multitude of things to be thankful for… family, friends, health.

A significant blessing is what I chose to do for a living: working in real estate representing Coldwell Banker. My company is an asset to me as I am working hard to be invaluable to it. The real estate industry is infamous for it’s cycles that can be, such as life, steady yet unpredictable. In both situations I have found Coldwell Banker to be supportive and resourceful. There’s a sense of peace knowing that my company has my back, especially in those times I need something to lean on. They are my confidants and cheerleaders and I am proud to pay it forward to my real estate team but above all, to my clients.

2017 means yet another year of growth for my business as I have done years past. Our industry leads the economy and we are only moving upward and forward. This holiday season I raise my glass to my family, friends and colleagues; I inspire you to attain more victories, love more fiercely and relish every minute of your waking moments. I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Happy Holidays,

Lori Thompson
Your Coldwell Banker, Real Estate Agent