Murals of Long Beach and Holland

Long Beach - Home & Realty MagazineI don’t really know how many murals Long Beach has. quite a few I’d say.

Every time I drive by one, it brightens my day. Colorful buildings make for a better urban experience.

There’s even a Mural and Cultural Arts Program that has helped with the creation of at least 8 of the City’s murals. Those murals tell stories of our City and the people living in it.

Here’s a link to those Murals.
Covering huge bare walls and deterring tackers from covering Long Beach with ugly graffiti, these murals are just very cool.

When walking Eland our German Shepherd, my wife and I pass by a mural that is our favorite, well mine at least. It can be found on Anaheim street, between Termino and Ximeno. Why? It’s not the most spectacular of murals, however, it has a dog on it. Yep, I know I’m a dog lover and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Long Beach - Home & Realty MagazineRecently I visited family in The Netherlands and while visiting my favorite Chinese restaurant, I noticed a fun mural in the used to be dark and scary underpass leading to the strip mall where the restaurant is located. This place used to be full of graffiti and ugliness. Now it’s a colorful pass-through. The windmill, of course, is one of Holland’s trademarks. The stork represents the city of The Hague. The stork “ooievaar” in Dutch has been in the Coat of Arms of the city of The Hague, officially since the early 1800’s, however, pictures of the ooievaar have been found on church bells and buildings since the early 1500’s. Ooievaar means “bringer of good luck”.

What’s your favorite mural in Long Beach? Robin