Old Crow Smokehouse

Huntington For Fun by Lori Thompson
Huntington For Fun
by Lori Thompson

Hello Home & Realty Magazine readers and welcome back to Huntington for Fun!

It is so exciting to be introducing all of the new and fun things to do in Huntington Beach’s new Pacific City!

Today we are going to learn about Old Crow Smokehouse! It’s located in Pacific City on Pacific Coast Highway and First Street. Old Crow is upstairs on the second level with plenty of ambiance to go along with it! This restaurant is a one of a kind here in HB. Nowhere else can you dine, drink and dance to live country music, while enjoying an ocean view!

Old Crow Smokehouse
Old Crow SmokeHouse

Old Crow Smokehouse was started by Michael Gonzales in Chicago 2012. He named the restaurant after Old Crow Bourbon. When Michael was 19 years old, he worked at his cousins restaurant in Chicago… he washed dishes, bused and waited tables, and all the while learning the restaurant business. Eventually he opened his own restaurant and not only was he successful at it but, he enjoyed it as well! Michael continued to open restaurants in the Chicago area, some even had a Mexican twist, such as his restaurant called Mo’s Cantina … all were successful. The first actual Old Crow Smokehouse started near Wrigley Field in a town called River North 4 years ago. Michael had a great idea to combine great Southern BBQ with good old fashion live country entertainment. The Old Crow Smokehouse in Chicago is iconic and has been going strong ever since they opened.

Through word of mouth, Michael was offered an opportunity to open a new restaurant here in Huntington Beach at the new Pacific City!!! Wow, from Chicago to Huntington Beach California? This was a chance he could not pass up! Michael took a chance, packed up his bags (and his chef) and left his 6 successful restaurants to come here and delight us with his Smokehouse concept!

Old Crow Smokehouse in Huntington Beach has something for everyone! From its rustic full length bar to the live country music … and food everywhere in between! The sliders were fantastic!! You can choose from pulled pork, BBQ chicken or brisket sliders… they are all delicious! There is a full bar stocked with anything you can think up! Lots and lots of appetizers to choose from! Delicious corn dogs with sausage instead of franks, fried okra, smoked Buffalo wings, pulled pork eggrolls and much more! The dry rub baby back ribs are the BEST I’ve ever had! The dry rub is made by Master Chef Tony Scruggs, in fact, he creates all the recipes. They are the meatiest ribs I’ve ever had in my life! Very good quality! I’ve actually met Tony in person and he is very proud of his dry rub recipe … he loves Huntington Beach! On Thursday nights Old Crow has live karaoke! This is no ordinary karaoke … these people have talent! Check it out, you will be impressed! On Friday and Saturday night you can enjoy live country music and dancing until 1:00 in the morning! Yay!!! Any other day of the week, you can enjoy the good food and beach atmosphere … a very positive place!

IMG_6520So, the next time you are looking to enjoy good barbeque and you like live entertainment, hop on over the Old Crow Smokehouse in Pacific City … You will love it!