Pavement Art - Robin Auwerda

Pavement Art in Long Beach

Art must be seen from a distance, hanging on a wall, and never touched by the admirer. That is what I heard growing up in The Netherlands, from my parents, teachers, troop leaders at my boy-scout group. Art was and still is everywhere back home. Since art is in the eye of the beholder, I can easily label art, as art.

When I first moved to Long Beach, Second Street in Belmont Shore was my favorite street, close to the ocean, mom & pop shops, and the shadow-art casting from the parking meters.

The one I like best is the dog leashed to a parking-meter, it must have foretold me that one day I’d love dogs, German Shepherds in particular. I suppose most locals know of Craig Cree Stone’s shadows, and at least have stepped on one or two of his creations.

Art in Long Beach - Home & Realty Magazine The other day, setting up open house signs in the 90806 zipcode of Long Beach, I stepped on art that I’d never stepped on before. At first I didn’t even notice them, 7 to 10 round obscure covers of I assume very important utilities known only to city employees. Then again, maybe it is just… art.

Art in Long Beach - Home & Realty Magazine Two patterns, one “two palmtrees at the ocean shore” the other, a compass of sorts depicting the “Long Beach Harbor”. For now this is my favorite pavement-art in the city.

Another beauty is the steppable Historic Zaferia District. It’s close to home and I can step on it whenever I want.

Have a great day, put your best foot forward.


Art in Long Beach - Home & Realty Magazine