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“Huntington for Fun” Team! Stacey Mercer, Elena Zimina, and Lori Thompson of Coldwell Banker Beachside Realtors in Huntington Beach pictured.

What’s special about Huntington Beach? The community for starters… Huntington for Fun would like to educate the community on some of the activities we participate in. About 6 years ago our very own Stuart Thomas was approached by Barbara Meyer to donate to Collette’s Children’s Home. She had asked him to donate $1000 as he did the previous year. Stuart was glad to do it and donated his $1000. As is turns out, he had donated $100 the year before… a little typo. Stuart went ahead and told them to keep the whole $1000 and so began the tradition. After Stuart’s outstanding donation, the founder of Collette’s Children wanted to meet Stuart. They went to lunch and brainstormed the fundraiser we see today…

The first year, they thought of having a garage sale but didn’t have a large enough space to keep everything. This is when they decided to incorporate sponsors. They ended up having a “garage sale” at Tsunami Sushi and it was a success! Second year was held at Seacliff Country Club and funds were raised for Habitat for Humanity. The third year funds were raised for Project Self Sufficiency, helping single moms get back on their feet and living normal lives.

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine

The fourth year was donated to Make A Wish Foundation, helping children make their wishes come true. For example, one of the sick little girls had a dream to visit Disneyworld someday. With the funds that were raised, we were able to send this little girl to Disneyworld and make her dreams come true. Year 5 was for CHOC Hospital… again for the children… we all definitely have a heart for children!!! This was year 6 and funds were donated to help the City of Huntington Beach Police Department. Robert Handy, Chief of Police, helped us put together this spectacular fundraiser for 2015! One of the heart touching stories the Huntington Beach Police have with money raised for them is this story of a Garden Grove resident who stood speechless in the HB Police Departments helicopter hangar. She watched with tears in her eyes, clutching her grandchildren as she saw hers sons 2009 Nissan Cube rolls in. The Nissan belonged to her son, a combat engineer who was killed in action on January 2011, when his unit was attacked with a rocket-propelled grenade in Baghdad, Iraq. The 21 year old was on his second deployment. It was said that as she approached her son’s car and slowly sat in the driver’s seat, she could feel him in the car. What was so special about this deed was the car had been totaled in a car accident and one of the police officers on the scene heard the story of the women’s son… he tracked down the car, bought it from the tow yard and restored it for the grieving mom. These are the kind of hearts we are dealing with when it comes to the HB Police Department.

Huntington Beach - Home & Realty Magazine

Chief Handy, Stuart Thomas, Frank Mc Dowell

This article would not be complete without thanking the wonderful men and women that make it all possible… Stuart Thomas, Teri Miles, Edie Newmeyer, Barbara Kramer, Courtney Madnick, Lori Jones, Nicole Nelson, Jennifer Handy, Sandy McGrath, Frank McDowell and Vanessa Schwartz… Thank you to all!!! Enjoy the photos and we hope to see you all there next year!!!

Some great friends of this wonderful cause. We hope you enjoy the memories!