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Art & Lifestyle - Home & Realty MagazineAs a celebrity portrait artist for the last 22 years I’ve raised over 100k towards various charities thus far from my art by partnering with various celebrities and philanthropic organizations. When a celebrity agrees to sign my painting, their signature added to the painting raises the value of the painting substantially thereby allowing us to raise more money for the charity.


Art & Lifestyle - Home & Realty Magazine
Kobe Bryant signs the painting

Some of the most notable celebrity athletes I’ve worked with have been Kobe Bryant and Reggie Jackson. I painted Kobe Bryant in 2012 in partnership with big Brothers Big Sisters Organization. At the event, I went on stage with the auctioneer and the Kobe Signed painting and together we were able to raise $6000.


Art & Lifestyle - Home & Realty Magazine
Reggie signs the painting

Just last year, I painted Reggie Jackson and we were able to raise $5000 for several charities with his signature on the painting.


Today I’ll meet my favorite WWE star to create a painting and a set of 25 Giclees for him to sign and sell as sports memorabilia. We will be also be auctioning a signed Giclee print to raise money for, an organization dedicated to helping children fight cancer using integrative therapies, new healing technologies and lots of love! Please find Max Love Project on Facebook!


I’m also excited to be painting Max of Max Love Project, a 6 year old boy who fought cancer and won, and decided to work with his mommy Audra to start a charity to help other kids.

Art & Lifestyle - Home & Realty Magazine


I’m a very lucky artist to have been blessed with a gift in life that has allowed me to help others. I always say “The gift is in the giving” and let me tell you, after many, many years of putting smiles on peoples faces with my paintings and charitable contributions, I can attest to the truth in it.

I look forward to many many years of painting and partnering with celebrities to help raise money for charity. If you know of a celebrity who may like to work with me, or a charitable organization who could use my help, please contact me for further information through my website

Maya Spielman