Art Staging for Emotional Connection in Home Sales and Luxury Rentals

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Art Staging for Emotional Connection in Home Sales and Luxury Rentals

An empty house doesn’t feel like a million dollars or a home that anyone can see making their own because all the things that help make it a warm, inviting home aren’t there.

Worse yet, a house that’s empty, or that doesn’t look its best, emphasizes every shortcoming. If the buyer is previewing it online, that may be all they’ll ever want to see.
In no time, staging Art can transform your house, with everything that makes it look and feel like a dream home.

Staging a home with fine art can be a great way to enhance the look of the home and inspire an emotional connection with the potential buyer. Displaying new artwork is a great way to breathe new life into a room and add that special flair that will make the house feel more like a home.

Once you take down the photos, diplomas, hunting trophies and religious items that have no place in a home when it’s on the real estate market, there’s often little left to work with. Home staging companies will most likely have only a small range of artworks available, so why not look to local artists in your area and ask if they have paintings available to rent.

As a prolific artist, with a wide range of work, I was recently asked by Luis Guajardo, at Prive Luxury Home Rentals, to rent several pieces of my art for a home being leased for a week long luxury rental in the Hollywood Hills. I received a glowing report that the clients loved my work and felt it added a touch of class and excitement to the property.

Several years ago I was contacted by the Ginn Corporation, when they had a big event to market selling many of their homes in a community in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I was asked to do an art show where they hung 10 of my prints and flew me in for a gala party. All ten prints sold, and the families there to view the homes in the community felt a strong connection to the art, and me as the artist, creating an emotional connection between the agents and their potential clients through the sale of my art.

If you or anyone you know as an agent or an individual is selling your home, check out my art available for rent on my website,, or google art staging or artists in your neighborhood for the enhancement and added excitement and emotional connection fine art can bring into your home sale or luxury rental.