Kristin Berry Speaks Fluent Fashionista!

Kristin Berry Speaks Fluent Fashionista - Home & Realty Magazine

Kristin Berry Speaks Fluent Fashionista!

Recently H&R Magazine discovered some New Changes in Fashion Retail. An exciting retail merchandising, business opportunity coined MK Collab.  MK Collab is changing the ways in which retail shopping is done. We were fascinated when we stumbled upon this unique fashion business platform. MK Collab was developed by Marisa Kenson, the renowned LA fashion designer of 25 years, serving Hollywood’s fashion industry. Marisa is the founder and creator of this magnificent win-win E-store concept which is growing in leaps and bounds by her very own unique platform. SEE VIDEO for details.

It was Kristin Berry, model and sales associate of MK Collab who inspired our magazine to advertise the growing MK Collab fashion line of women’s clothing, and stunning jewelry!  We knew the combination of our on line magazine would offer  perfect synergy to support Marisa Kenson’s Fashionistas in their global advertising and marketing reach. We also knew that Kristin Berry spoke Fashionista fluently and, we needed a fashion interpreter to spread the good word of MK Collab.

Kristin Berry Speaks Fluent Fashionista - Home & Realty MagazineHome & Realty Magazine as everyone knows, is connected to some of the finest names in the Luxury and Lifestyle markets. We go out of our way to astringently filter the best brands available to benefit our readers. We represent brands such as the Four Seasons Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Wells Fargo Bank, Coldwell Banker Luxury Previews, and many more.

I was thoroughly convinced upon seeing some of these high profiled women like Kristin Berry, who’s names were associated with this fine group. We then realized that Marisa Kenson founder of MK Collab, had created a BLOCKBUSTER! H&R Magazine wanted to tell everyone, MK Collab is changing the face of retail fashion shopping!

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