Modern Judaica Art of Uriel Cazes

by Bruce Bryant

Art - Home & Realty Magazine
Ambassador of love, 2015, print on paper, handsigned, limited edition 15 pieces

Every once in a while we discover pure talent from around the world! Home & Realty Magazine is very proud to present Europe’s renowned Uriel Cazes from Germany with professional art studios located in Ibiza Spain. We welcome Uriel Cazes and his art paintings to America and, wish him the very best with the sales of his beautiful originals and prints. Look for Uriel’s new column in every monthly issue of Home & Realty Magazine and tell Uriel what paintings are of interest to you. Decorate your home with a Uriel Cazes original!

Uriel Cazes is a painter with excellent use of colors. He is painting oil on canvas and also doing paintings on paper, drawings and most recently digital studies. Since almost 30 years his main work is paintings about Jewish life, so he is one of the few artists painting about Judaism living abroad. Israeli art magazine described him recently as a painter of modern Judaica. Uriel Cazes is painting figurative but not naturalistic. He is concentrating on people with mostly Jewish backgrounds, telling stories from ancient times and from the bible. His figures seem to be in distance to the others but also in communication, harmony and caring. The style is expressionistic, he uses different techniques of composing colors and spaces on the canvas. He is giving most figures black contours, which provides a stronger placement to the figures. Also he is using Hebrew letters as orientation and explanation, which makes some of these paintings like official ancient documents.The main cycle, “Jewish life” was painted from 1989 until nowadays, showing scenes of the life of Jews through religious festivals and biblical stories. In 2011 he produced the cycle “10 commandments” and in 2014 the cycle “documents – the 12 tribes” about the Jewish tribes of old Israel.
Art - Home & Realty Magazine
Uriel Cazes Modern Judaica Artist
In the 90s he painted his “bridges” as mostly colorful big cocoons. This was his way to face the upcoming intercultural problems in the world. Besides that Uriel Cazes claims, not to be a religious or political artist. But his paintings show harmony and peace and, though its Jewish content, also many Christian and Muslim people recognize parts of their own history in Uriel’s works.

Since 2014, Uriel Cazes is also working on digital techniques to create designs for Vitrages. It is one of his most important goals, to do Vitrages with his design in large buildings like Synagogs, churches, Mosques or other big buildings.

Art - Home & Realty Magazine
Esav and Jacob, 2009,

Enjoy the modern Judaica art of Uriel Cazes.