Energy of a Top Producer

By Ted Apodaca, Editor

There is an energy about Linda Jenkins. Her passion for home warranty service is about commitment and customer protection.

There might be a lot of reasons that Linda Jenkins has stood out among her peers in the home warranty business. She prides herself on her commitment to consumer protection and her faithfulness to her word. But being the top producer for BPG Home Warranty for 19 of the 23 years that she has worked for the company is probably due as much to her energy.

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Top Producing Agent Linda Jenkins

Jenkins doesn’t often sit still. In addition to working with clients, she is a member of the Orange County Association of Realtors, serving as the 2011 Affiliate Chair and is a member of the Women’s Council of Realtors. She was a real estate agent before transitioning to the home warranty field in 1991.

Jenkins has always been energetic. When she was younger, she was an avid snow and water skier. Nowadays she gets out to her home on the river, when she can, to enjoy the weather and ride her Jet Skis.
“I’m a river rat,” Jenkins said. “I love to Jet Ski.”

After making a presentation to a realtor group on a recent morning, Jenkins slows down just long enough to answer some questions at her home office in Fountain Valley. Jenkins said in the early ‘90s she sensed that working for a home warranty company might be more stable that the fluctuating real estate market. And with a then one-year-old son, Jenkins decided to make the change.

The change has worked out well for her. Her son, Christopher Brady Jenkins, is now 24 and serving with the Air Force Special Forces. Jenkins’ home is adorned with support ribbons and pictures of Christopher.
“He’s my pride, my face just lights up with I talk about him,” Jenkins said.
While her energy keeps her moving, her commitment keeps her successful in the field.
“I honor my word and I am very concerned about consumer protection,” Jenkins said.

While Jenkins will tell you she loves her work, she also admits that it can be stressful. While it is essentially a sales job, she knows she has to provide more than just a sale. Home warranties are in place to protect people’s investment and security. For that reason she makes herself very accessible.
“It’s important, especially when you’re in home warranty,” Jenkins said.

Currently Jenkins is the Assistant Vice President and Orange County Regional Manager for Buyers Protection Group. BPG offers coverage for critical systems in homes to cover the cost of unexpected repairs. They offer coverage in 17 states.

BPG states that they provide more than just a standard home warranty. They also offer service guarantees, around the clock support and access to experienced professionals to help clients with virtually any issue in their home.
“We’re like any other form of insurance,” Jenkins said.

Having grown up in Glendora, Jenkins is a lifelong Southern California resident and an avid Angels baseball fan. She is also a former thoroughbred racing horse owner. To find out more about Jenkins and Buyers Protection Group, visit, or you can email her at

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