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Tamara Rene Designs started in 2011 when Tammy Avila was asked by the owner of Aegean Designing Whims to take over the interior design portion of her business. The decision was an easy one for Tammy as Aegean Designing Whims had developed a considerable client base and had made a reputation of quality throughout the Southern California area dating back to the 1970’s.
Tammy, armed with over 10 years of design experience then set about acquiring a team of talented interior designers and showroom associates to help expand on her current business while also catering to the growing demand that Tamara Rene Designs was receiving.
Today, Tamara Rene Designs is a one-stop shop for all things involving interior design. Her team of skilled designers and associates focus on assisting clients through every step of the design process, regardless of the scope of work. The business services design needs such as; upholstery jobs on new and old pieces of furniture, window treatments, wallpaper and paint selection all the way up to the entire remodeling of a clients home.
Tammy and her team are also skilled in developing an entire concept of design from scratch and are able to collaborate one-on-one with contractors and architects all the while ensuring that clients are empowered and encouraged to voice their opinions throughout the design process. The teams ultimate goal with every client that comes in touch with Tamara Rene Designs is to guarantee satisfaction and deliver a finished product both the client and the designer can be proud of.
The growth Tammy observed in her business coupled with the constant positive feedback she was receiving from her loyal clients encouraged her to think even bigger and look into other ways of expanding the business.
After liaising with other industry professionals and following through on client feedback the next branch of the business was born. That new branch was home staging. This newly formed part of the business would enable Tammy to leverage the close relationships with industry leading furniture, accessory and art vendors she had formed and service a need in the market that was previously not being met.
Tamara Rene Designs now covers everything involved in the home staging process. Ranging from removing or altering existing furniture, paint selections, hardware updates, light fixture changes to fully refurnishing and accessorizing client’s homes ahead of its sale. Staging clients have observed significant growth in the valuation of their properties as a result of TRD’s home staging. In fact, more than half of the early staging clients have already sold their homes for thousands of dollars more than the asking price pre-staging.

Recent client Mrs. Taylor noted “At first the prospect of selling my own home seemed to be a daunting one. A lifetime full of memories and acquired knick-knacks wasn’t exactly what buyers wanted to see. I felt slightly overwhelmed by all of the tasks that were presented before selling my home. That was until I walked into Tamara Rene Designs and spoke with the girls. I was able to articulate my needs and wants with the staging but also felt great confidence that the team would deliver quality results and allow me to step back and focus on other aspects of the sale process. Not only did they assist with paint selections, carpet cleaning, movers, and actually staging my home, but they also referred me to the real estate agent that has listed my house. I am thrilled with the results and I highly recommend Tamara Rene Designs for any and all services that they offer. Staging my house through this company was absolutely worth it!”

Tamara Rene Designs - Home & Realty Magazine
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Tamara Rene Designs - Home & Realty Magazine
Kitchen Before & After

After just three months of home staging the team at Tamara Rene Designs has already developed strong client relationships and the newly formed staging side of the business has grown considerably. So much so that Tammy now has her own 2,000 square foot warehouse that is stocked full of designer furniture and home décor accessories. This warehouse coupled with their friendly team of moving staff has enabled Tammy and her team to fulfill orders with quality product very quickly. Recent staging clients had their homes fully staged from original concept to completion in as little as two weeks.

Tamara Rene Designs - Home & Realty Magazine
Tamara Rene Designs is located at 3782 Cerritos Avenue, Los Alamitos and the showroom is open 10am-5pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, new client and design inquiries can be made through Tammy directly via email: tammy@tamararenedesigns.com or phone: (562) 735-5005.