Tattoos and Burritos

by Robin Auwerda

Some call her the “Purveyor Of Fun”, some refer to her as the “Local Tattoo Goddess”, most of us just call her Mimi Masher.

I’ve always wanted a tattoo, and was hungry for a burrito. Who better to call for a lunch date, and get some info on tattoos, than Mimi Masher, who seems to live on burritos alone. We decided to meet at Mimi’s favorite place in town, Pike Restaurant and Bar on 4th. The “Pike” must like Mimi a whole lot because they named their breakfast burrito after her, “Mimi’s Favorite Breakfast Burrito”! I can only dream of having a dish called after me. One day, one day…

Tattoos and Burritos - Home & Realty Magazine
Mimi Masher even has a Burrito named in her honor!

Now enough about food!

So about that tattoo I always wanted… Mimi’s first tattoo was a Varga Style Hula Girl when she was 18. Now of course I didn’t ask Mimi for her age but over the years she has added more and more to her tattoo collection. About two years ago she started her back piece. It is meant as a show piece for the tattoo artist Robert Ullom. Robert, who works at Ghost Wolf, was looking for someone with an outgoing personality and willingness to show off the finished masterpiece. The two met through Mimi’s husband Sean.

Tattoos and Burritos - Home & Realty Magazine

I had to ask, I’m just curious, what happens to tattoos over time, you know when you get older. For right now that is not a problem, to keep the tattoo, and herself, in shape, Mimi uses the weighted hula-hoops, and roller skates a lot. She is the head coach of the Long Beach Junior Roller Derby. (You may remember one of my previous columns.) Both the hula-hoop and roller skating are on Mimi’s list to teach me. Please don’t wait for photos of that any time soon!

The lunch was great! The owner of the Pike, Chris Reece, stopped by at our table to make sure everything was yummy. I love it when restaurant owners ask you how you like the food. If you haven’t been to Pike Restaurant & Bar, it’s worth checking out. According to Mimi they have the best cocktails in town, and have great happy hour specials.

I loved the steak burrito that I had so I’ll be back for sure!

As for the tattoo that I want, I’ll sleep on it a little longer, I hear it stings.

Make it a Burrito day!!aboutmimi/c173r