Uriel Cazes Paintings Document the 12 Tribes

In all respect and appreciation of the Jewish religion we are proud to present, once again, Uriel Cazes of Ibiza Spain. We introduced Uriel in our last issue of Home & Realty Magazine with his beautiful religious paintings. The unique value Uriel’s work brings to his audience is the religious significance of each and every hand painted canvas, from this most talented artist.

Uriel has established a prominent brand in Europe especially in Germany, where he makes his residence. The name of Cazes is a household name in Ibiza Spain, where the renowned artist works in his studio. Uriel sells his signed pieces of Jewish history to some of the most affluent clients in the world who enjoy the island of Ibiza regularly. Uriel now looks to expand his historical religious paintings into the homes of some of his new found American followers. How would a hand signed Cazes painting look showcased in your home?


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Uriel Cazes Artist of Ibiza Spain

This is the 2nd part about my cycle “documents – the 12 tribes” that I painted in 2014 and was shown first time at ArtPalmBeach in Miami, FL January 2015.

Jacob, Abrahams grandson, is the father of 12 sons that were called the tribes of Israel. He also received the name “Israel” which can be translated as warrior of god. The families of the 12 sons of Jacob received several parts of around Kanaan, including parts of nowadays Israel, Jordan and Negev.Though they didn’t have a common leader they worked together in culture and belief in god. They did trade with food and goods and built army’s, whenever it was necessary to do as a confederation. Later on they turned into a monarchy under pressure of surrounding tribes like the Phillisters. Well known kings are Saul and David.

To me the story of the 12 tribes is a very important part of Jewish history and the history of Israel. That’s why I decided to create these documents of history in 12 paintings.
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