What Gordon Ramsay Can Teach You About Customer Experience

by Teri Conrad

When we work in the service industry we are making a brand promise to our clients whether we’ve ever worked with them or not.
Just creating a pretty logo and a clever tag line do not a brand make. There has to be a consistent thread of experience that ties everything together.

You’ve likely heard of Gordon Ramsay, a Scottish born British chef and restaurateur whose restaurants have been awarded 15 Michelin stars in total! He is well known for his tv shows Hell’s Kitchen , Kitchen Nightmares and many more. He earned a reputation for having exceptionally high expectations of his chefs and creating those impeccable experiences we all crave when we go out to dine. He recognizes that delivering on that amazing experience means a thoughtful, intentional approach to every nuance of the business. Case in point:

Customer Experience - Home & Realty Magazine

My husband and I were just visiting Atlantic City and the Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill is practically the first thing you see when you check in at Caesar’s Palace on the Boardwalk.

Customer Experience - Home & Realty Magazine

Our server Robert Klimkowski delivered that impeccable service that is true to the Gordon Ramsay brand! Robert was bright talented, charming and immediately made us feel welcome and cared for by taking a genuine interest in us. He noticed that my husband is a bit of a beer aficionado and made it his personal mission to give him a new experience. That’s when he brought out the Blue Moon Wheat Ale and a very special treat ­ the Framboise (a raspberry flavored beer) which he then poured about 1 ounce into the Blue Moon that created this lovely red ‘swoosh’ and an absolutely delicious summer beer flavor! NAILED IT.

Robert figured us out right away and the rest of the evening was just as fabulous. The food, the atmosphere; and especially the service!

Customer Experience - Home & Realty Magazine
Our fabulous server Robert Klimkowski

So, what can we learn from Gordon Ramsay that we can apply to our own business? Whether you’re in Real Estate or any other business we can all ask ourselves some basic questions:

Location Location Location!

1. How does your location make you feel? Is it inviting and comfortable? Do you enjoy being there? Think not only about the physical location, but all digital locations as well. Are your websites and design intuitive, compelling and relevant to your consumer? If the location is the interior of your car, does that experience reflect your brand promise?

Customer Experience - Home & Realty Magazine

Attention To Detail.

I had some preconceived ideas that I wasn’t even aware of based on my previous experiences Gordon Ramsay’s brand from his TV shows. Does your brand reputation precede you and match what you deliver? At the Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill you’ll notice an incredible attention to detail to deliver a ‘true authentic British Pub Experience’ from the menu to the British style furnishings, to the Royal Red colors/fabrics, to the English Bull Dog who appears on a few of the chairs, the giant tea stained british flag on the wall and the Palace Guard posts! (LOVE)

Customer Experience - Home & Realty Magazine

Automate and Systemize but also Customize When Possible.

At Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, Robert our server was supported by a streamlined team; each of which had a very special role to play to ensure amazing service. Tables were cleared quickly by one, water was delivered by another and the rock star chef (who was the winner from a season at Hell’s Kitchen) created delicious british fare beautifully presented! (The Gordon Ramsay burger was SO BIG that you had to come at it from two directions!)

We Can Always Do Better.

Finally when we received our bill, we were also presented with a digital survey asking for our feedback. Do you take stock regularly of what’s working and what can be improved? Asking your consumers for their feedback is just good business these days and it shows you care.

Customer Experience - Home & Realty Magazine
Building an amazing customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. It takes vision, a road map, and intentional execution. Gordon Ramsay gets it and delivers it! God Save The Queen!