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It is no secret that relationships play an imperative role in the commercial real estate industry.  From bankers to brokers, who you know can make or break your success.  Home & Realty Magazine appreciates the professional overview and insight provided by Southern California Commercial Real Estate Broker, Zac Fielder of Broadstreet Real Estate Group.

Read Zac’s tips for choosing your broker and navigating today’s commercial market wisely:

~ Experience is king – “Don’t settle for inexperienced representation in the commercial world.  An experienced commercial real estate broker will start by setting realistic perimeters with the qualification process and will have analyzed their client’s desired market for 5-6 months to gain a proper pulse.  Select your broker long before you need him to allow for this.”

~ Choose a broker with solid industry relationships – Strong personal ties to leading lenders, insurance companies and even other brokers are unique assets that BroadStreet Real Estate Group brings to the table.  “While it sounds simple, likability within my industry is key, especially as it pertains to acquisition,” says Zac.  “In today’s market, you can’t underestimate the added value that having good connections to other brokers provides.  Often times, we’re able to expedite transactions on properties that haven’t hit the market yet thanks to the respect BroadStreet has earned from industry colleagues.  With the current lack of inventory, this attribute is priceless.”

~ Honesty must lead the way – “Look for the broker who’s willing to say, ‘Don’t buy this’, says Zac.  “Making people money is a great and fun way to grow business, therefore having your client’s best interest at heart is everything.  You’re not a hero in this market until you find someone a space, but willingness to negotiate and walk away when necessary is just as important.”

~ Lastly, seek out diversity – While BroadStreet Real Estate Group is comprised of industrial and flex brokers at heart, we’re also experts in office buildings, creative space, and various types of real estate investments.  We’re knowledgeable in all sectors of commercial property, and therefore can help our clients diversify their real estate investments long term.”

Zac holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Pepperdine University with a strong emphasis in finance and enjoys applying an “economic way of thinking” to successful real estate investment decisions for his clients in the Southern California commercial market.

Zac Fielder is an Associate at BroadStreet Real Estate Group
He services the Southern California market
Photo Credit: BroadStreet Real Estate Group